Table of Contents

A graphic record of the conference

Post-conference contributions

Conference Session Notes Themes

Plenary Sessions
Community building: beyond the newsroom
Community building: within the newsroom
Civics/issues for citizens
Tools and training
Personal growth
Making a living


Plenary Sessions

Thursday: Lightning Chat World Cafe End of day harvest
Friday: Evening News End of day reflections
Saturday: Morning News Regina Lawrence and Fishbowl with University of Oregon students
Saturday: Afternoon News Mid-day one-liners
Saturday: Pro Action Cafe Sessions Topics
Sunday: A synthesis of the conference notes Nut graphs from our notes
Sunday: Imagine an Engagement Community of Practice Themes, generative images, the keepers
Sunday: Community of Practice Projects A list of initiatives
Sunday: Final reflections Closing statements
Conference Themes From student reporters
Report on Twitter #pdxEngage17 What appeared at #pdxEngage17

Community building: beyond the newsroom

  • Annie Anderson
  • How do you define/create community when you have a national audience?
  • Yu Vongkiatkajorn
  • Adin Rogovin
  • Heather Bryant
  • Linda Miller
  • Keegan Shilo-Clements
  • Taylyn Washington-Harmon


Community building: within the newsroom

  • How can you create an engaged newsroom from scratch?
  • Joe Barr
  • Ariel Zirulnick
  • Subbu Vincent
  • Jerome Vaughn
  • Cole Goins
  • Amber Rivera
  • Keegan Shilo-Clements
  • Joy Mayer
  • Bill Densmore



  • How can we better incorporate conversations around diversity as we work to foster audience engagement practices?
  • Paul Waters
  • Ivan Roman
  • Daniela Gerson
  • Anthony Advincula
  • Alisha Saville
  • Simon Nyi
  • Bob Stilger
  • How do we get the “boring,” not newsworthy, silent majority to be heard?
  • Kristin Gustaff
  • Kathryn Langstaff
  • Cordelia Reichel
  • Amy Wang


Civics/issues for citizens

  • Christine Whitney Sanchez
  • Mitsue Cook
  • How does access to live stream local government meetings affect in providing a simple civic engagement solution?
  • Marpessa Allen
  • Linda Ellinor
  • Where are the stories children and adults experience with mental health through their own eyes?
  • Mansour Abdur-Rahim
  • Simon Galparin
  • Prism Pantaz


Tools and training

  • How do we move online video from one-way broadcasts to two-way engagement?
  • Rodney Gibbs
  • Pamela Behrsin
  • Jake Batsell
  • Ben DeJarnette
  • Yve Susskind
  • Jesikah Marie Ross


Personal growth

  • Am I a journalist?
  • Elaine Cha
  • What risk is your heart urging you to take? In work? In life What’s the risk? What’s the reward? What’s your next step?
  • Michelle Holmes
  • Sydette Harry


Making a living

  • Yu Vongkiatkajorn
  • Simon Nyi
  • How can one make a living as an engagement “professional” w/o being co-opted by marketing?
  • Elaine Cha
  • Being a recent college grad and understanding your role in media whether it’s traditional or unconventional
  • Claudia Lopez



  • How can “commercial” interests work with journalists to create engaged communities?
  • Suzette Riley
  • Anything you’ve ever wanted to tell a funder
  • Paul Waters
  • Gracie McKenzie
  • Jo Ellen Kaiser
  • No name in notes posted



  • Regina Lawrence
  • Jesse Hardman
  • Lauren Katz


Sunday: Community of Practice Projects

Session overview Bill Densmore
Create a short, adaptable guide for journalist to design and host community conversations Andrew Rockway
Bringing Open Space + Engagement into newsrooms to model ways to engage outside the newsroom Ashley Alvarado

Lori Shontz

Stories of what is and isn’t working for members of the Elevate Engagement community Keegan Shiloh-Housser
Identify the next group of Gather power users and steering committee members Ben DeJarnette

Andrew DeVigal

Hire engagement practitioners and connect participants to jobs Summer Fields
Connect EE2 participants with news organizations who may value their ideas Michelle Holmes
Convene next gathering of this group at the People Power Publishing Conference, Nov. 8-9, Chicago Simon Nyi


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