Socioeconomic Models & Community Information Districts

Icebreaker (favorite smell) (also attendees)
Burgess – basil
Prism – khaosoi
Fiona – ginger
Christine – lemon blossoms
Andre – gardenia
Michelle – honeysuckle
Amber – lilac
Stephen – corsican mint
Keegan – petrocore
Simon – eucalyptus
Mike – lavender

Topic notes

Prism opening remark

We see strife and destabilization of institutions, how does it relate to our economy? Let’s build better socioeconomic models.

Simon opening remark

What does journalism look like in a new socioeconomic model?

Session discussion of info districts

Use regional development organizations for (seed) funding
Participatory budgeting
Work with community foundations serving the disconnected
Communicating with community is vital for a shared vision
Construct info districts at zip code level for de-politicized boundaries
Community foundations can convene the right people
Funding: business taxes, engage community in in-kind donation
What’s the org’s ascertainment structure?

Question: how do we increase engagement in a system we design from the ground up?

Employees have 10% of their time freed up for civic engagement
Work in the community you live in
Time (or lack thereof) is the key issue
Making decisions only for communities you live in
What systems could we create to mitigate the bullshit of intra-community politics
Give people choices for how to engage
Create the space for people to do what they love for the benefit of others