Create a short, adaptable guide for journalists to design and host community conversations

1st Step: Develop a basic outline for feedback

Lead: Andrew Rockway
Support: Fiona Morgan, Ivan Roman, Emmalee McDonald, Linda Jue, Anthony Advincula, Robin Teater, Ashley Alvarado, Amy Wang, Peggy Holman, Adin Rogovin, Lori Shontz, Simon Nyi, Alisha Wang Saville, Tova Averbuch, Elaine Cha

Miscellaneous Notes
• Help with mapping existing dialogue/facilitation/conversation frameworks pertinent to journalism (Emmalee)
• Narrow focus –> What do journalists need relative to their skillsets?
• Facilitating, or hosting?
• Include examples for journalists in their language

• Can journalists experience/participate in these types of conversations first?
• Set journalists up for success/quick wins
• Need to tailor guide to specific issues (like opioids) or make more universal?
• Include how to partner with, for example, NCDD member orgs
• Cultural competencies, boundaries,
• To include in Guide: