CLOSING STATEMENTS: Participations in Elevate Engagement offer closing statements


46 people in the circle

My hope is that we will evolve a method for keeping the space among use open in email, Gather, Slack, FB, phone or whatever. Don’t stop connecting; make the effort to tell the stories of your little successes and frustrations so that we an all help one another and our communities.

Try to rememer to be a person first.

Don’t hesitate to come and find me.

Collapse of industry not all doom and gloom.

Emily McDonald: Thankyou.

Thanks for reating space of openeness and vulnerability

Thank you.

Onward and togetherward.

Inspired and challenged.

Pretty tired but ready to rest and start doing again.

Fiona Morgan: WE are building something new, we don’tknow how yet but we have everythingwe need.

Michell: Flock together now with love.

Kemmin clemetowser : Let’s really collaborate, really do it.

Peton Brun: Fight for your goals.

Adnrew Devigali: Thank leadership and guidance and partnership that Regina provides and empowers us to do the work, important to school, Agora and community. Thank the partnership with Peggy. Fascinating working with Peggy and Tova, recognizing you are working with one Jedai and then you realize there are multiple masters. Also Ashley, Lorie, Katherine and Fiona for taking up the help of leading. Stephen, Michelle tanks for partnership and guidance. Look forward to continuing the hard work we have in front of us.

Lorri: This is wonderful.

Tova: Appreciates being invited and felt welcome even though she is different – nto a journalist. Thanks for something that moved me verymuch today and that was journalism is known for its storytelling role orfunctino and what I saw today is many masters of meaning-making. I want to hve at least one jurnalist in everything I do because you are master meaning makers.

Thanks for inviting me, we have a lot of editing todo this year. I hope we’ll sit together and do it.

Listening as a superpower. Thanks for sharingthat with me.

Arborjournal2 — Periscope. It’s been streamed

Peggy: Thanks for taking the time to do the appreciations. Seconed time more phenomenal than the fist. Regina thanks for making the space for us to do this work. Stephen, it has been 18 years we have invented and evolved the form you see here. Thanks for being with me on this journey. To my new found friends and partners in crime – Ashley, and Katherine and Fiona and Lorrie – they are teaching me how to be imcompetent again. Supporting a new generation in growing is a whole new muscle. Yes, we need to change the mix of who’s in the room. And re-imaging journalism in the contxt of something biggest in civic communications. And to all of you for going on this ride. It’s been an extraordinary trip.

Never let the practical silence the apsirational.

Thank-you all for letting me listen and I hope we can all move forward in a spirit of listening.

I am questioning my place in journalism – bothscary and exciting. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

We’re in te beginning. You guys can just imagine if you were in gh beginning stages of your career, your life, having an experience like this to inform your work, where you would be and the aspirations you have and the burden that it really feels like; I appreciate all of you for helping put that burden on me because it is an important one fo rus to carry.

This weekend has een a discovery of a multitude of brilliant ideas. Some little, some big. I’ve been thinking about all those little bits of light.

March: I truly believe that together there is nothing we cannot do.

I never knew the tribe of engagement journalists existing until I went to People Power publishing. I lookforward to continuing to engage.

Mike Fancerh: Graduated from SOJC almost 50 years ago and here I am. Sometime with God’s will you will be my age and you will remember this day and experience and what blessing that is.

Linda Miller: Dandelions and weeds. Let’s not forget about the weeds in our midst and they have a certain beautiy and place in our yard and they spread.

Ashley: Can’t do aprpeicateions with weaping. When you are struggling to believe and are not sure about what you are doing this is the group that will give n an oxygen mask.

Stehen: Foloow yourown weird.

Joy: Leaving with a psirit that he umbrella over the tribe in this room is broad enough to support people who aren’t here.

Tobin Miller; I’m seeing all thse amazing opportunities of these fields coming together.

My hope is that we will evolve a method for keeping the space among use open in email, Gather, Slack, FB, phone or whatever. Don’t stop connecting; make the effort to tell the stories of your little successes and frustrations so that we an all help one another and our communities.

Mike Green: Thank the organizers for this space and time. Applause please. Leaving here having increased my network by at least 100 people. My social capital bank account is exploding right now.

Christine Whitney Sanchez: Thanks for allowing me into your village. Lawyers and journalists are going to save us

Tanks for allowing me into your village and the garvey methaphoris prevalent because it is organic. This is a natural season of change. You are the chroniclers and the meaning makers. Soemtimes dandelions are feeds and sometimes they are food. I hope we can turn that around. AS a gardener with way too many seeds.

Robin Teeter: Elevate the voice of citizens and improve public discourse. Our work is your work and your work is really our work. Thank-you for the oppirtnity to be reborn.

Carl Eisenback: Revolution. One word we are all part of.

Thanks for creativity and openness and for so many good ideas to steal.

Ivon: IN journaism for 35 years, feels very encouraged after this conference.

Elain: Wasn’t sure I would be able to make it. I was here at first one. This experience has been different I think ti is an elevation from lsat time and I am greatful to you for suffering me. Last time I was wearing a T-shirt that had poop on it and said get shit done. Check out my earings this time.

I keep looking at thoese flowers, there is diversity in there and they are beautiful – tulips, irises, daisies and it reminds me of all of us here. I can’t express how much I appreciate you all.

I’ve been thinking about a conversation Elaine and I had. A student journalist yesterday made the point that the conflicted feelings I have is not a bad thing and that we are on theright track towards doing something about it. It’s a good thing.

Katherine Thier: When I was a journalist I was very frustrated by the fact there was no space in the newsroom for these types of ideas and it was very very painful. I felt at war with myself and what journalism was supposed to be about. Being here shows there are so many other people care and who are now actively working to make a difference. That’s really inspiring to me and I want to bring that back to my students because they are gong to be the next generation trying to do this.

Simon: Coming out of this struck by how many of us are trying to accomplish the same things and how deeply shared a lot of our alues are but we are also able to productively challene ach other at the same time. I feel we’re at an inflection point, where people need to talk to each other about similar projects This can be the start of the transition of working on projects independently butbringing them together.

Regina: Thanks for your commitment of your time. Without Mike Fancher there wouldn’t not have been an Agora Journalism Center. Without JTM there would not have been this really unique program. Without Andrew none of thise would have happened.

Alisha: I’m ot a journalist but I exist in a weird in-between space. This experience has shown me that working for shared values and a better world can be joyful, fun, give me energy rathr than crashing into bed at night and seeing nobody. It feels like a human way of working.

Amy: I had no idea what to expect when I got here. I had not to be an event like this before. I’ve learned a ton. I will takeit back to the newsroom. I did nto expect to meet so many people who care for journalims and are routing for journliasts to succeed. Thank-you all for that.