PHOTOS: Seven projects

Seven people in total agree to do action follow-ups. A recording of the discussions does not exist because Bill Densmore accidentally erased it rather than saving it. We’ll fill in the details and provide links shortly.

  1. Ben DeJarnette: I commit to be a major convenor on Gather, working with other people
  2. Ashley Alvarado: I would like to bring Open Space inside newsrooms so we can have some of these conversations there.
  3. Keegan Clements-Housser: I’m going to commit to tracking efforts about community engagement among this group and share results
  4. Simon Nyi: I commit to convene this community in real life again to build on the things we’ve discussed here.
  5. Summer Fields: I want to hire you guys and or the really on fire people in your life who care about community engagement.   At Hearken.
  6. Andrew Rockway: I want to create a short adaptable guide for journalists so they can design and facilitate community conversations in their own communities.
  7. Michelle Holmes: I’m offering to serve as a personal connector and introducer between people with new ideas and news organizations across America.


Ashley Alvarado


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  1. so awesome! rock on people.

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