How do newsrooms measure loyalty?

Simon Galperin
Kyle Bozentko
Todd Milbourn
Dahlia Bazzaz


TL;DR >> Measuring loyalty beyond the usual analytics (clicks, return users, etc) is a challenge, and something many newsrooms are still figuring out. But it’s an important metric to prove the *value* of community engagement projects.
In order to measure loyalty, you first need to define what they means for our newsroom
What does loyalty mean? What makes a reader loyal?
Familiar faces
Relationships with those faces
Examples: local public radio stations, broadcast news anchors
Once you’ve done that, some approaches include:
Measure how we interact with the user
Think of this like a personal engagement Fitbit to track how your touch ripples out
Live events created repeated exposure
CIR’s open source impact tracker
Helps track engagement that is hard to quantify otherwise
Allows reporters to do this on their own, which is both efficient and also gets instances that other people might miss
Chartbeat’s impact tracker
How do you track loyalty for newsroom on a national level?
Break down communities to local levels
Focuses on specific policies under broader topics

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