Stories of What Is and Isn’t Working for Members of the Elevate Engagement Community

Leader: Keegan Clements-Housser
Participants: Linda Ellinor

Goal: Track and collate efforts by members of this community to implement community engagement techniques, so we as a community can assess what’s working, what’s not working, and why. I will gather info from interested community members and release a monthly synopsis of what the community has found, as well as link to any data provided (this will be posted in Gather). This will allow our members’ newsrooms and organizations across the globe to collaborate on developing new methods by sharing information. If you’re struggling with something that someone else has already figured out and vice versa, it’s better to share than to reinvent the wheel.


1. Connect with members of the community interested in participating. This will be done via the FB group and Twitter. Deadline is end of May. (Keegan)

2. Hold our first monthly check-in call. Format TBD, but likely a conference call or group chat of some variety. Input on format is welcome. Deadline is middle of June. (Linda and Keegan)

3. Create first monthly synopsis and post to Gather, along with any associated data shared by participating community members. Deadline is the end of June. (Keegan)