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Summary of Themes

From the developmental evaluation Compiled by Yve Susskind, of Praxis Associates, for Journalism That Matters and the Agora Center for Journalism. The themes listed in this document represent the collective wisdom of the 130 attendees at the May 2017 Elevate … Continue reading

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Sunday: Imagine an Engagement Community of Practice

Following a review of all of the notes and related materials created at Elevate Engagement, conference participants used Playdoh and a skit to imagine a thriving engagement community of practice. Yes, we took us away from words to express those aspects … Continue reading

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Sunday: Nut graphs from our notes

During our last day, the conference focus shifted from How can we elevate engagement so that communities thrive? to How can we as a community of practice elevate engagement so that each of us and all of us thrive? We began the … Continue reading

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Conference Themes from student reporters

ELEVATE ENGAGEMENT 2017 THEMES Dear Friends, Nine of us attending Elevate Engagement happily took on the task of paying close attention to what was said and documenting the emerging themes. We were participant observers, meaning that we were not on … Continue reading

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Saturday: Pro Action Cafe Sessions

On Saturday afternoon, people came forward to host sessions on initiatives they wanted to move to action. Their topics are listed here. A transcript of the a one word “summary” and the first next step from the session hosts are below. See video … Continue reading

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Table of Contents

A graphic record of the conference Post-conference contributions Elevate Engagement Manifesto Practicing What We Preach by Lori Shontz Elevating Engagement through Design by Chelsea Anne Brown Summary of Themes from the Developmental Evaluation Conference Session Notes Themes Plenary Sessions Community building: beyond the … Continue reading

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Engaging rural communities and live streaming

Q1: How do you seek authentic ways for communities to connect in rural communities around the world?- Kathryn Langstaff Q2: How can live streaming be a simple and effective solution for effective civic engagement?- Marpessa Allen Title: Civic Engagement and … Continue reading

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Posting Session Notes

Post your Session Notes here. Session Title. Enter in the small text box at the top. In the larger box, enter: Session Host Reporter Participants Discussion Optional: in the small box at the bottom of the posting form, describe your session … Continue reading

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