How can the media model sustained, nuanced, and breakthrough conversations overtime on issues of critical importance?

There were 3 of us: Myself, Tuva Averbuch. and Courtney Breese.

The two major take aways were:

1. Perhaps community engagement is challenging for people in the media because of deadline time pressures. So, having sustained, nuanced dialogues feels too time consuming given the immediate deadlines? A question to sit with.

2. How can community engagement professionals assist in drawing community members out that journalists can then report on? How can we (community engagement practitioners who might have an organizational development background or a facilitator background) partner with professionals in the media to get them to do real community development? It would appear that Journalism is beginning to see themselves increasingly as being helping in community development. But, there are people like organizational development practitioners who do this sort of thing all the time and could be of assistance.

A partnership between the two career fields seems obvious!!

Linda Ellinor

Dialogue Unites Action New