ONE LINERS: Aspirations, admonitions, suggestions and celebrations midday on Saturday

Short-form one-line aspirations mid-day on Saturday

1. I contain multitudes
2. Writing
3. If journalism was like gardening how would we change the world?
4. Stay in the new
5. Motivated
6. Deeply touched
7. Harmony
8. Community first
9. You are not alone in this endeavor
10. Hunger
11. Empathy
12. I feel driven
13. Learn from the past
14. Spreading this to my colleagues
15. Value relationships
16. Each of us, all of us
17. Have a little faith
18. Gratitude
19. Present and moving
20. Always learning
21. Purpose
22. Advocating and incorporating
23. This is how we do it
24. Part of a community
25. Keep the faith
26. Let’s get down
27. Circle not line
28. Stay nimble
29. Radical disrupt-ivation
30. Embrace courage as learning
31. Much is possible
32. Enlightened
33. Let’s all do something together or party together
34. Totally inspired
35. Compost
36. Solidarity
37. Include more youth
38. Radically hopeful
39. Growling – that’s my stomach I didn’t have breakfast – better future
40. So much potential
41. Encouraging
42. Find direction and take the next elegant minimum step
43. Collaboration
44. Collective mindfulness
45. Ready to move forward
46. Give a shit
47. Hopeful and unquiet
48. Educating my educators
49. Ditto all of the above
50. Opportunities for unexpected collaboration
51. Plant, nurture, harvest hope
52. Rekindling trust and commitment with compassion
53. People don’t care what you know until they know that you care
54. Follow your smile and share your gifts
55. Just thinking where our connections can all take us
56. We’ve created a community of smiling eyes – now what will we do with it?
57. All the things
58. Make the transition
59. A good society is a society of happy losers
60. Collaborating to tell good stories
61. No one answer
62. Burn it down
63. We’re shiny-eyed doers and we’re in it together
64. Don’t ask for permission to start change just start it
65. W are all valuable and show up as a person first
66. Two-way trust
67. Passion fuels truth
68. Implement
69. Connectivity
70. I’m sorry, I’m feeling overwhelmed and really burdened by all the things that need still to be done
71. Grading pleasure, purpose and courage
72. Re-energized, reinvigorated and ready to make change
73. Connecting institutions with each other in the service of learning from each other
74. Stay curious
75. There’s going to be kereoke tonight at the Elgar
76. I’m hear kind by accident I have to admit but maybe it wasn’t an accident
77. Engage, be vulnerable and connect for its own sake with no means to an end
78. Come together (singing)
79. Terrifying responsibility
80. Tired and inspired
81. Applause from a gesture
82. After that?
83. Tired but knowing that we can, we must do better day by day
84. Learning to ask the right questions
85. Addictive engagement and contagious opportunities
86. Balancing our thinking centers of logic, creativity and unity
87. Truly human
88. In a spirit of inquiry, who am I, and who am I with you?
89. When I think of wealth I think of this
90. Dive in head first
91. Finding new ways
92. Just do it