Project Pitch Proposals

Saturday ended with a crowd-sourced selection of projects to “pitch” to coaches on Sunday.

The twelve projects pitched are below, with notes of the awards they received.

The top three vote getters received $500 each and access to coaching from Chris Rabb using the Invisible Capital toolkit.

The Wake Up Tour and

Show Me Your I.D.

Tani Ikeda, Jasiri X,  Sandy Ordonez, Paradise Gray, Matt Renner, Lauren Harbury, Jeff Hermes

These two projects combined to do their pitch.  See the opening.

Homewood Nation – The Homewood 100 Initiative - Elwin Green


Documenting Durham – Travis Mitchell

Received award from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, Durham, NC

She Who Holds the Pen Publishing Institute - Tamara Jeffries (Bennett College)
Received award from the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship

Global Citizen Journalism (GCJ): Diversity of Convergence – Seung-Hyun Lee
Received award from Winston-Salem: Wake Forest University


Empowering Tomorrow – Barbara Lewis

Digital DNA – Digital Identity Management and Community Mapping System – Michelle Ferrier, Byung Lee, Mani St. Victor, Rick Rodgers, Kaycie Coy, Norm Roulet

The Obama Effect – Paradise Gray

immediate Justice hotline - Tani Ikeda

Media Reinvestment - Jordan Green

Hill District Historians Oral History Project - C. Denise Johnson

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JTM-NC-“Create or Die 2″ — Sessions Posted

Here is a list of the session calls at JTM-North Carolina, “Create or Die 2:”



Breakout sessions from Saturday:

  • The New Me Identity – A digital identity system that we use to shape our own identity/history – Michelle Ferrier
  • Mapping the Greensboro 52’s invisible capital toward creating a commonwealth enterprise model for: “The Wake Up Tour” – Harvesting the stories for the next American revolution – an oral-history project with a special bus – Chris Rabb, Tani Ikeda
  • The Document Durham Project – Travis Mitchell
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What would blow your mind?

Create or Die 2 opened with conversations among participants about:

  • What’s one thing that could happen here that would blow your mind?
  • What do you need to create that experience?

After conversations in small groups, people introduced themselves with a “Tweet”:

  • Bridge the digital divide by creating a global dialogue between girls – Tani Ikeda, @taniappleseed
  • Create long lasting, successful relationships with news junkies – @andrewhumphrey
  • Create the ‘creative valley’ of new media for people of color here on I-85 corridor -Michelle Ferrier, @mediaghosts
  • What would blow my mind is if we could get young people interested in journalism again.” -Barbara Lewis
  • If communities could understand and use the power of digital storytelling to tell their stories.” -Sono Hashisaki
  • Find a way to encourage leaders and audiences to be active participants in democracy.” -Jordan Green
  • Striving to break boundaries of career divides through similarities in opinions and interests.” -Kaycie Coy, UNCG student
  • 1Hood debuts innovates national TV network dedicated to balanced media. – @ParadiseGray
  • Broadening horizons, knowledge, ideas through collaboration. @laurenharbury
  • Taking strong legacy, media skills, applying them to new media efforts. – Tamara Jeffries, Bennett College professor, @tamjeffries
  • Telling undertold stories by creating a global dialogue b/w womyn and girls. -Filmmaker @taniappleseed
  • Recognize hip-hop is new millennium journalism.” – @jasiri_x
  • Close info gap for underserved communities. Need: build awareness at issue & bring corporations to the table. – Tameka Green, @Tameka_Green
  • A networking opportunity with comm. professionals that’ll lead to an internship or job.” – Edith Veremu, @everemu10
  • Tangible item to build upon vs. having to build once we are home. -Sandy Ordonez, @collaboracion
  • Collaborate for multi-media 1st person storytelling.” – Akiba Smith-Francis, @steppingoffpath
  • Finding new ways to engage youth through the media that are innovative and creative.” -Carmen Lee of Pa.
  • Sustainable model for paying for unbiased content urgently needed. -Elon professor Amanda Sturgill
  • Diverse ideas that work.” -A&T professor Teresa Styles
  • Blowing my mind would take creating a way to isolate journalism that matters, like spam filter on your email. – Logan DeHart, UNCG student
  • It would blow my mind if every 3rd news story I heard included a voice of color. – Leoneda Inge
  • If all journalism startups could both know what resources they need and have easy access to them. -Jeff Hermes, @HermesJP
  • If JTM is successful, the spiral of silence will be broken. -Byung Lee, Elon communications professor
  • @AHN (All Healdine News) unites indi journos, beats @APStylebook all the time. -Melvin “Buddy” Baker
  • Growing as an individual and an editor from the collaborative interactions with the professionals at this conference. James Nichols, UNCG student
  • Creative focus. Synergy. Moving ideas forward. Through collaborative effort.
  • Active people creating a social collaboratory connecting neighbors. – Derrick Foust, UNCG student
  • Through the voice of the arts, how can we inspire students to take action in our community.  – James Mieczowski, UNCG student
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REGISTER NOW: A summer convening of Journalism That Matters 2: “Create or Die 2: Innovate, Incubate, Execute”

REGISTER NOW:  A summer convening of Journalism That Matters 2:
“Create or Die 2: Innovate, Incubate, Execute.”
June 2-5, Univ. of North Carolina-Greensboro

Innovate/Create in Greensboro

Find support for your efforts to innovate, incubate and execute! Join us at “Create or Die 2.”

It’s a three-day mashup of journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, bloggers, technologists, educators, developers, designers, social entrepreneurs, community activists and others to create entrepreneurial journalism ventures.
We’ll work together to conceive, design and pitch ideas for the next news and information businesses . . . tools, and services that amplify diverse voices and strengthen the role of communities in shaping their stories. The gathering serves as a sandbox in which students and professionals generate result-driven conversations that spark collaboration and action.
An intimate group of no more than 100 innovators will gather and initiate projects that amplify diverse voices in new media through journalism entrepreneurship.
Be one of them.
Join us for a design | build | pitch journalism “unconference” on June 2-5 at the University of North
(all meals except Saturday night included)
The conference goal is to collaboratively design, initiate and develop digital projects that amplify diverse voices in new media. As the second unconference hosted by Journalism That Matters focused on journalism innovation and diverse communities, Create or Die 2 is also supported by regional
co-hosts Elon University’s School of Communications, the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
We expect to bring together the “whole system” of journalism: print, broadcast, and new media journalists, technologists, bloggers, educators, hackers, funders, community activists, designers, social entrepreneurs, and others who care about telling stories in diverse communities.
You know that the signature JTM format offers the opportunity to discuss those topics that matter most to you.  The last half-day of the program provides an opportunity for project teams to be coached by funders.
Why the focus on diverse communities?
As the media disruption continues, the number of diverse of voices in media is declining [1].  The situation is even more stark in new media where only ~10% of foundation money is going to those focused on communities of color [2]. This event takes steps towards making projects by and for people of color and underserved communities visible and viable.
Create or Die is about shifting a disturbing trend by sparking innovation by and for people from diverse and underserved communities.
Who knows?  With the innovation that comes through engaging diversity, it may prove the most strategic decision news organizations can make.
Join us!
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NC Regional Business Incubators Offer Start-Up Packages

Three North Carolina entrepreneurship incubators have pledged start-up packages to region-based companies that develop out of Journalism That Matters “Create or Die 2″ to be held in Greensboro, NC from June 2-5, 2011.

The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship based in Greensboro, the Wake Forest University Babcock-Demon Incubator in Winston-Salem and the Center for Entrepreneurial Development in Durham have all pledged shared-office space, mentoring, networking and interns where possible to help launch the journalism start-ups from the gathering.

“Create or Die 2″ is a design|build|pitch event that brings together journalists, technologists, funders, educators and community activists interested in creating media entities for underserved or underrepresented communities.

One goal of the gathering is to create several regional startups to address what Dr. Michelle Ferrier, associate professor at Elon University, calls “media deserts” in North Carolina.

“We want the projects developed during Create or Die 2 to address the media deserts — where existing media lack the resources to address the community news and information needs or where communities are lacking in media options,” she said.

“The start-up packages from the three regional incubators will give these projects a home and a life after the gathering ends. We want to plug the new teams into environments that can give them ongoing support as they develop their business plans,” said Ferrier.

Registration is now open for individuals or existing teams with ideas or those interested in finding a team. For more information on Create or Die 2, please visit

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Media Partners/Calendar Listing Information

Here is a 100-word description for calendar listings with appropriate media partners:

June 2-5, 2011, Greensboro, NC: We’re disrupting the media status quo at Journalism That Matters “Create or Die 2”. Join our mashup of journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, bloggers, technologists, educators, developers, designers, social entrepreneurs, community activists and others to create entrepreneurial journalism ventures. At this three-day event, we will conceive, design and pitch ideas for the next news and information businesses, tools, and services that amplify diverse voices and strengthen the role of communities in shaping their stories. The gathering serves as a sandbox in which students and professionals generate result-driven conversations that spark collaboration and action. To register: <>

Or use this 200×100 .jpg along with the listing:

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Social Media Tools for Promoting Create or Die 2

Use these tools to share the word about the upcoming gathering in Greensboro:

1. Badge: Add to your email signature, blog or website or invite others to post on their sites.

2. Facebook: “Like” our fan page on Facebook:!/pages/Create-or-Die/136024843131513  OR say you’re coming on our event page:

3. Twitter: Follow our unfolding program developments @createordie2 OR use our hashtag #create2 for relevant content you see. Tweet the conference to your followers like @AREAFIFTEEN did “This conf. looks awsum-check it out- want to go with me? Create or Die 2”

4. Affiliate Marketing: If you have an organization/network that is willing to advertise the conference, share the leaderboard and rectangle ad artwork with them.

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Greensboro, North Carolina is a revolutionary town, starting from its Quaker roots and routes in the Underground Railroad to its American Revolutionary War battlegrounds where Nathanael Greene fought the British to the birthplace of the civil rights sit-in movement in downtown. Here is where we will seed our conversations of disrupting the status quo with innovation and journalism entrepreneurship.

International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Greensboro

By air:
Greensboro is reached via the Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) in Greensboro. Several major airlines travel into GSO including American Airlines, Continental, Delta, United and US Airways.  Allegiant Air also flies into Greensboro and is an easy and inexpensive option for travel from Florida cities such as Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando and Fort Myers/Punta Gorda. The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is also within a 1 ½-hour drive of Greensboro.

By rail: Amtrak runs high-speed rail service into downtown Greensboro.

By car: Greensboro is a reasonable one-day drive from many points on the East Coast, including a 5-hour drive from Washington, D.C. to the north or a 5 ½-hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia to the south.

Lodging – Apartment-Style Dorm
For participants comfortable with shared bath (and private bedroom), we recommend apartment-style dormitory accommodations to foster informal conversation.  The dorm is a three-block walk from the University of North Carolina Greensboro Elliott University Center where the conference sessions will take place. UNCG has set aside single-rooms in four-room, shared-bath suites in the Spring Garden Apartments.

These apartments consist of four, single bedroom units with a shared living room, full kitchen and two bathrooms.

Register for Create or Die 2 Housing in Greensboro, NC  on Eventbrite

The Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG.

Single-occupancy bedrooms at Spring Garden Apartments.

Four bedrooms surround a full kitchen and living room area at Spring Garden Apartments.

The living room area at the Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG.

The courtyard at Spring Garden Apartments at UNCG.

Register for Create or Die 2 Housing in Greensboro, NC  on Eventbrite

Lodging – Hotel
We are recommending the Greensboro Marriott Downtown, 304 North Greene Street, Greensboro, which is 1.34 miles from the UNCG’s Elliott University Center. The special room rate is $99+tax per night. Contact the hotel directly at 336-379-8000. Ask for the “Journalism That Matters” rate. Participants choosing this option will be responsible for their own transportation to/from the UNCG campus.

All meals, except for our Saturday night on the town, are included in the registration fee.

Parking at the University of North Carolina Greensboro is available to visitors on a space available basis. Parking is $1 per hour or $6 for the daily maximum per entry at several parking decks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Journalism That Matters?
What is Open Space Technology?
What is Create or Die 2?
Why North Carolina? Why Now?
What Can You Do?

What is Journalism That Matters?
Journalism That Matters inspires, convenes and connects the diverse people molding the media of tomorrow. Our events and initiatives foster innovation and build bridges between the evolving journalism community and civic leaders and activists. JTM members help shape the emerging news and information ecosystem, creating journalism that both matters and supports a free democracy.  For more information, visit

What is Open Space Technology?
Open Space Technology is the organizing process at the heart of Journalism That Matters unconferences.  It enables diverse, even conflicted groups of people to create inspired meetings and events. In Open Space meetings, participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance, such as: How do we nurture the innovators and serve the diverse communities of the new news and information landscape?

With groups of 5 to 2000+ people — working in one-day workshops, three-day conferences, or the regular weekly staff meeting — the common result is a powerful, effective connecting and strengthening of what’s already happening in the organization: planning and action, learning and doing, passion and responsibility, participation and performance.

What is “Create or Die 2”?
Create or Die 2 is a mashup of journalists, technologists, educators, funders, programmers and others interested in journalism entrepreneurship by and for people of color. Our three-day gathering brings together talented, passionate innovators to design, build and pitch their ideas for a journalism innovation — be it technology, content, platform, delivery, audience or other arena.

Our first gathering was held in June 2010 in Detroit. Create or Die 2 builds on that event by highlighting the work of projects initiated in Detroit and looks at structures and policies that can help foster innovation by diverse people for diverse audiences.

Why North Carolina? Why now?
Like many regions of the country, the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina is reinventing itself from a predominantly textile to a creative economy. And with its diverse population, we feel the region is ripe for journalism experimentation.

The area is home to more than eight higher education institutions and high-tech corporations, fertile ground for new ideas to flourish.

In addition, several high-profile tech and media startups are under scrutiny for the lack of minority representation in their staffs and leadership. We want to draw attention to the organizations, systems, policies and structures that are supporting diverse voices with education, funding, mentorship and other support.

What can you do?
We don’t just want participants, we want those invested in reinventing journalism and the new media landscape. Bring your passion, your ideas and your “A game”. We’ll promise you leave energized and in action around what’s important to you.

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Disrupting the Status Quo with Journalism Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Register Now | Reserve Your Dorm Room | Travel and Housing Information

Maria Rojas at JTM Create or Die: Detroit

Maria Rojas, a former graduate student at Elon University, demonstrates a Second Life museum project she created during the Innovation Expo at JTM's Create or Die in Detroit.

Jumpstart your entrepreneurial journalism venture at Journalism That Matters Create or Die 2. Building on last year’s Create or Die in Detroit, join our design | build | pitch “mashup” to explore the role that journalism plays in communities taking responsibility for their own stories. Find out what happens when innovation and talent come together!

NEW! Three regional NC business incubators are offering start-up packages to projects generated at Journalism That Matters Create or Die 2. Read here for more information.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Strut your stuff during our Innovations Expo, an idea fair for gamechangers where you showcase your talent, wares, technology, etc. Tables are FREE for conference participants.

When: June 2-5, 2011
Journalism that Matters “Create or Die 2″ gathering focused on journalism entrepreneurship by and for people of color.
Journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, bloggers, technologists, educators, developers, designers, funders, social entrepreneurs, community activists, community builders, and others who care about telling stories in communities
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
To interrupt and disrupt the status quo and remake a new media ecology that is inclusive of diverse voices.

At this three-day event, we will conceive, design and pitch ideas for the next news and information businesses, tools, and services that amplify diverse voices and strengthen the role of communities in shaping their stories.

The gathering serves as a sandbox in which professionals ranging from programmers to journalists can initiate entrepreneurial journalism ventures. At the same time, regional participants will incubate new ideas to re-invigorate the news ecology in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. The event is designed around result-driven conversations that spark collaboration and innovations.

Event Goals

We build on our beginnings in Detroit growing the network for journalism entrepreneurship and people of color by:

  • Celebrating the pioneers, innovators and best practices in the new media arena.
  • Examining the infrastructure and supports required to sustain journalism entrepreneurship by and for diverse communities.
  • Connecting cross-disciplinary teams to advance new ideas and new projects.
  • Fostering a dialogue about leveraging our knowledge network to transform access to content, finances, technology and policy that affects entrepreneurs and communities of color.
  • Creating a strong and visible network of new media innovators across media sectors.

As in Detroit, the event will engage participants in pursuing the issues and ideas important to them, providing an environment that results in intensive teambuilding, idea development, design and build sessions.

We don’t want to just talk – we want results. So join us.


Pricing Information — Stipends available

REGISTRATION: A sliding scale for early birds; or request a waiver

Because of foundation, donor and participant support, Journalism That Matters convenings have a history of providing registration stipends for people who might, for budget or personal reasons, not be able to pay the full cost of a JTM event. When you start the registration process by clicking below, you will have several “early-bird” choices until registration rates rise on May 1. If you cannot afford full registration, pay a refundable $25 and add your name to our first-come-first served roster for a registration payment waiver and stipend. If by May 10 we are unable to grant a waiver, and you cannot attend at the regular price, we’ll refund your $25 upon request.

  • Regular-participant: $395
  • Non-profit or academic: $175
  • Unemployed or underemployed: $95
  • Enrolled student: $75
  • Fee to confirm stipend request: $25
  • For special registration requests, email createordie2@journalismthatmatters [dot] org.

  • Register for Create or Die 2 in Greensboro, NC  on Eventbrite

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