“Show Me Your I.D.”

SESSION 1 @12:15 1HOOD, IMJ, Mani (Marveloper Media), Sandy Ordonez
Notes taken by Sierra Ferrier

“The future of journalism is not content creation, but content curation.”
-Mani Saint-Victor
“to give the voice to our own media, without labels” –Jasiri X

-Start on the web, creation of the next OPRAH network.
User-generated content of the Reddit strain.

  • Upload your own story, see me for who “I” actually am, apart from what you have seen in mainstream media.
  • Talk about Tani’s inspiration: “She didn’t see herself in a complete way in the media…didn’t have any identifiers of media in her life.” –Jasiri X.
  • Journalism identity—have a forum for people to have their own story, the REAL story, the REAL truth.

Exclusive/original content-things that are created originally-(Eugene). “Where is the Cosby Show of our generation?”
Aggregate content-found from other sources (ex. huff post)
User generated- a 3rd party putting their info on the site.

Use Reddit as the framework (open source skeleton) for the “ID” site.
“Building a plaza for their communities to come together….using them to help the people in the communities to be known all over the world. Aggregate communities.”-Sandy
“Everything is hyperlocal, help the communities get money/advertising”-sandy
“There’s no way for me to connect to Latinas in the social media community-type work”-Sandy

Uses of site: Extendable reputation manager of businesses, participation, showing the “do” economy. Community growth
-It doesn’t matter if it’s libel or slander, the community will decide what goes up or down.
In regards to moderation
–are you worried that to becomes the next gossip site?
Paradise: have parts of the site that are said to be “unfiltered”, or we need content managers. Self-regulation identity.

(www.showmeyourid.org)→ is available
1st Step: content delivery network
2nd Step Specs list of what we want this application to do.
3rd Step: skin it, branding system team with the right code. As you are bringing in people , building the culture of the site, build a culture/style of the community.

Manifesto/cultural guidelines
Tolerance, welcoming of diversity, a learning community, respectful, adaptive, welcome collaboration, lack/removal of labels explain, non-anonymity, network and supportive define yourself. Ability for hyperlocal

Community self-expression

Byung Lee, Jeff Hermes, Paradise Gray, Melvin baker, Amanda Sturgill, Lauren Harbury, Derrick Foust, Matt Renner, Edith Veremu, Brandon Marshall, Barbara Lewis, Travis Mitchell, Elwin Green, Andrew Humphrey, Rick Rogers, Mani Saint-Victor, Sandy Ordonez

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