Session 2: Mapping Invisible Capital with Chris Rabb

SESSION 2 AT 1:30PM: Mapping Invisible Capital—Chris Rabb
Stemmed from conversations with Tamra Jeffries

Making the invisible visible, mapping out capital

Human Capital–ex. Getting out of college,
Social capital—not only who you know, but WHO knows YOU
Cultural capital-how you navigate different cultural circles. How well and effectively you actually function in different environs. Some people cannot function in their own environment.

H + S+C (there will be areas where they connection, of possibly stand on their own)
Invisible Capital—family, body, community. Networks, skills, experiences, and our knowledge(wild card, other resources)

Finding inv. Capital for a greater end. Mapping out basic things that universally represent someone’s inv. Cap.

Ends for cross pollination

Ex. Elwin Green—what society thinks you are
Body-black, male, vision, age, height, handedness, innate intel, sexuality, genetics, wellness, body type
Family-parents(married), #siblings , birth order, education of your parents, familial connectedness?, closeness (extended), English, south->north, generally healthy, until later in life, religion, valued education, emotional wellness from family?, loving and safe, political cynicism

Community-civic engagement, religious activity , KY, working class/urban, safety,

Human capital – something that you actually did, vs. who you know. Something that’s earned. Literacy, technological (digitally literate), financial literacy, historical/contextual. Life long learned, humility. Formal education: bachelors, fellowships, HS/BA, entrepreneurial journalist. Reporter/writer. Real estate license, public speaking, driving + cab, ordained minister,
Video production, riding a bike, auto maintenance,

Who do you know
Social— family network, alumni, NABJ, Pitt post-gazette, BMF, Guild, online social (Fb), linkedIn, neighborhood association, Homewood nation, JTM, Transition (environmentalism)

Cultural Capital—how you navigate environs
University setting, literate culture, newsroom setting

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