What would blow your mind?

Create or Die 2 opened with conversations among participants about:

  • What’s one thing that could happen here that would blow your mind?
  • What do you need to create that experience?

After conversations in small groups, people introduced themselves with a “Tweet”:

  • Bridge the digital divide by creating a global dialogue between girls – Tani Ikeda, @taniappleseed
  • Create long lasting, successful relationships with news junkies – @andrewhumphrey
  • Create the ‘creative valley’ of new media for people of color here on I-85 corridor -Michelle Ferrier, @mediaghosts
  • What would blow my mind is if we could get young people interested in journalism again.” -Barbara Lewis
  • If communities could understand and use the power of digital storytelling to tell their stories.” -Sono Hashisaki
  • Find a way to encourage leaders and audiences to be active participants in democracy.” -Jordan Green
  • Striving to break boundaries of career divides through similarities in opinions and interests.” -Kaycie Coy, UNCG student
  • 1Hood debuts innovates national TV network dedicated to balanced media. – @ParadiseGray
  • Broadening horizons, knowledge, ideas through collaboration. @laurenharbury
  • Taking strong legacy, media skills, applying them to new media efforts. – Tamara Jeffries, Bennett College professor, @tamjeffries
  • Telling undertold stories by creating a global dialogue b/w womyn and girls. -Filmmaker @taniappleseed
  • Recognize hip-hop is new millennium journalism.” – @jasiri_x
  • Close info gap for underserved communities. Need: build awareness at issue & bring corporations to the table. – Tameka Green, @Tameka_Green
  • A networking opportunity with comm. professionals that’ll lead to an internship or job.” – Edith Veremu, @everemu10
  • Tangible item to build upon vs. having to build once we are home. -Sandy Ordonez, @collaboracion
  • Collaborate for multi-media 1st person storytelling.” – Akiba Smith-Francis, @steppingoffpath
  • Finding new ways to engage youth through the media that are innovative and creative.” -Carmen Lee of Pa.
  • Sustainable model for paying for unbiased content urgently needed. -Elon professor Amanda Sturgill
  • Diverse ideas that work.” -A&T professor Teresa Styles
  • Blowing my mind would take creating a way to isolate journalism that matters, like spam filter on your email. – Logan DeHart, UNCG student
  • It would blow my mind if every 3rd news story I heard included a voice of color. – Leoneda Inge
  • If all journalism startups could both know what resources they need and have easy access to them. -Jeff Hermes, @HermesJP
  • If JTM is successful, the spiral of silence will be broken. -Byung Lee, Elon communications professor
  • @AHN (All Healdine News) unites indi journos, beats @APStylebook all the time. -Melvin “Buddy” Baker
  • Growing as an individual and an editor from the collaborative interactions with the professionals at this conference. James Nichols, UNCG student
  • Creative focus. Synergy. Moving ideas forward. Through collaborative effort.
  • Active people creating a social collaboratory connecting neighbors. – Derrick Foust, UNCG student
  • Through the voice of the arts, how can we inspire students to take action in our community.  – James Mieczowski, UNCG student
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