Global Citizen Journalism (GCJ): Diversity of Convergence

Seung-Hyun Lee

The project was awarded mentorship and business development support through the Winston-Salem: Wake Forest University Babcock Demon Incubator

The idea –
1. Reporting diverse cultural difference for understanding in the world.
2. Reporting the summary of current political issues of each country in the world
3. Reporting what’s happening now in the world? – fun, special unique news
4. Building a website/blog/twitter connection
5. All news by global citizens; filled with video, photos and articles
6. Building the connection of college students, high school students and citizens.

Going forward… needs, supports?
First, create a website/a blog/twitter account. Second, promote it through mouth (word) to mouth, email, twitter and Facebook. Third, recruit citizen journalists who can contribute their time to report diverse issues in their country, in the world, using video, photos and articles.
GCJ would be community activists, high school and college students, educators, professionals representing every continental reporting local, state, regional, national and international news to foster creation, innovation, involvement, connection and positive impact.

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