She Who Holds the Pen Publishing Institute

Tamara Jeffries (Bennett College)

The project was awarded mentorship and business development support through the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship

The idea –
We are developing a multi-day workshop/conference designed to help young adult women understand how to capture and share their stories of their communities. The premise is that the stories exist, but people don’t always know a) how to best capture the story; b) how to communicate it well, and c) access the technologies available for pushing those stories out.

Going forward… needs, supports?
• Finances to bring in participants
• Meeting planner/logistics experts
• Finances for supporting the care of participants (food, transport, lodging, etc.)
• Advisors from all media forms.

What’s next?
Prepare a game plan for creating and developing the conference, and ensuring that it captures and covers all media forms (defines “publishing” most broadly).

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