“Show Me Your I.D. Pt. 3”

SESSION 3 Merging of Whole Create or Die Group Saturday, June 4th 2011

Travis, IMJ, 1HOOD, Sandy Ordonez,

“Show Me Your ID” Virtual Plaza for underrepresented
Michelle Ferrier providing the “ID card” a digital, layered, “gobstopper” of information, layers based on work, school, professional, location networks
Tani Ikeda provideding documentation of oral history/personal stories that would provided content for site, physical buzz for the website, eventually clips
Jasiri X and Paradise Gray-content originatior. Solicitors of information, using this to
Eventually sell to Mtv, various networks PBS? As documentary.
Plugging this into the next presidential campaign in 2012?

About Michelle Ferrier

Chief instigator of Journalism That Matters Create or Die gatherings.
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