Show Me Your I.D.

Tani Ikeda, Jasiri X, Sandy Ordonez, Paradise Gray, Matt Renner, Lauren Harbury, Jeff Hermes

Paired with The Wake Up Tour, the projects jointly received $1,000 and access to coaching from Chris Rabb using the Invisible Capital toolkit.

The idea –
Social network that serves as a plaza to connect individuals from diverse communities to both share and consume info/news that matters to them and for them to determine most important and new so to self-identify themselves (profiles). Additionally, provide a space for community leaders and ‘journos’ to conduct investigative pieces ignored by mainstream media. Community can connect or see news by ethnicity, issue neighborhood, etc.

Going forward… needs, supports?

  • Content delivery network
  • Servers
  • Legal advice
  • More production/tech people
  • Community members to “lead” an area
  • Marketing budget

What’s next?

  • Draft 1 year plan of action
  • Organize team with responsibilities
  • Create virtual office
  • Create budget
  • Map resources
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