Session Notes

The sessions posted at Create or Die are below. ¬†Often, sessions are combined during the unconference. ¬†Where there are notes, there’s a link.

Session Title Session Convenor
12 Steps to a Successful Interactive Online Community Newspaper Sonya Bernard-Hollins
Best Practices in a Networked Society Melissa Cornick
Black Experience Tim Moore
Can we view the current upheaval in American journalism within frameworks of larger shifts (e.g. in human values or institutions)? Ruth Seymour, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan
Collegiate press corps Sue Ellen Christian, Western Michigan University; Joe Grimm, Michigan State University
Combined- Taking the Community Temperature and Community Bridging Beth Mastin and Michelle Ferrier
Connecting Mentors or Peer-to-Peer Coaching Lori Robinson
Cultivating a healthy commercial ecosystem Geoff Samek
Exciting the Community on Reporting the News Sonya Bernard-Hollins
Freelancers Unite: how does freelancing change in the changing media landscape? Marin Heinritz
Giving Public Policy a more human face Cheryl Fields, Kwan Booth, and Brian Connors
How Can Public Radio Include All People? Keith Woods
How Do I Create A Business Plan Andrew Humphrey
How do we create Journalism that spurs public action? Kwan Booth
How to create sustainable independent documentaries Marcela Toledo
How to Make an Urban News Site More Interactive Tim Moore
How we get sources to answer our phone calls as solo website journalists Kadidjri Lahab
Impact of Images Alice A. Tait
Incubation and Traction: Best Practices for Digital Media Start-ups Bill Mitchell and Lori Robinson
Information Ecology for Communities Ryan O’Toole
information/news by/for young people @ school or @home with innovative platforms such as games Emilia Askari
Marketing Your Projects for the Greater Good Melissa Cornick
Media’s Role in Civic or Political Engagement + Dialogue Brian Connors
Micro Capitalism for Journalists Jeff Brown
New Activation Systems for Journalism with Impact ?
Newsrooms Non-profit or Social Enterprise Sally Duros
Putting the Human Face Back in Public Policy Cheryl Fields, Brian O’Connor, Kwan
Red Ink: Consumer Analytics For People & Communities Ryan O’Toole
Slow News and the New Marketplace Michelle Ferrier
Social Media Gaming to foster understanding of Journalism and Civic Engagement (Play*Fun) Mary Ann Chick Whiteside
Social Media Gaming: Part 2, 3 Mary Ann Chick Whiteside
Steps to a Successful Online Community Website Sonya Bernard-Hollins
Strength In Numbers: Multi-media collaboration from Blog to TV to Mobile Eric Galatas
Transitioning legacy community journalism to new tools and concepts Brian Steffens, National Newspaper Association
Video Game Concept Art Latoya Peterson
Video Game Incubation Latoya Peterson
Video Game R&D Latoya Peterson
War Map – A Visual Mapping of the Silent Destruction of US Communities by 10 Years of War Matt Renner
What is required to nurture innovation? Roger Gafke, Reynolds Journalism Institute
What Process & Criteria Shall JTM use to give $4000 and Attendance to an Innovation Event or RJI? Linda Jue & Peggy Holman
Your Community Is Your Toolbox Mark Anderson

Summary of Learnings from “crowd-sourcing” process called Thirty-Five.