What is required to nurture innovation?

Submitted by Bill Densmore on Tue, 06/08/2010 – 2:47pm

Session Convenor: Roger Gafke, Reynolds Journalism Institute

Session Reporter: Roger Gafke

Discussion Participants:

Kwan Booth, Mary Ann Mohring, Peggy Holman,Linda Jue, Lori Robinson,and others

Session title:  What is required to nurture innovation?

Session convener:  Roger Gafke

Time:  3:30 p.m., June 5, 2010


1.         Connections.  Innovators need connections.  Discussion suggested a high priority should be facilitating the expansion of an innovator^Ys
network in the depth of the contacts for specialties and the breadth of contacts to other areas that may, at the time, not seem relevant.

2.         Metrics.  How should success be measured and reported?  Innovators would benefit from the development of new ways of reporting success.
Potential funders of innovation would also benefit from fuller understanding of how to measure the success of the projects they might fund.

3.         Ideas.  Innovators would benefit from help in refining their core ideas particularly in translating those ideas into projects that move the
idea toward the market that serves people.

4.         Money.  Money is required at two levels ^S bringing a pilot to market and sustaining a demonstrated successful innovation without having to
re-define it for funders who constantly require pitches for ^new^] ideas.

5.         Time Banking and Match-making.  Might the community use these already available processes to connect innovators with experts and mentors they
need for specific tasks?

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