Social Media Gaming: Part 2, 3

Submitted by mcwflint on Sat, 06/05/2010 – 4:11am

Session Convenor: Mary Ann Chick Whiteside

Session Reporter: Mary Ann Chick Whiteside

Discussion Participants:

Harold Shinsato, John Kotarkski, Kaari Tassu, Maria Rojas, Sally Duros, Melissa Cornick, Christina Xu,

An evolving discussion, mapping of ideasĀ from the morning session of Social Gaming, centered around the energy of creating round one of a game focused on journalism.

(will add schematics later)

How do we create a game that allows people to easily add their own stories to the game?

How do we reward people who move from one level to the next?

  • Gain points for collectiing # of contacts
  • Gain points for number of stories published
  • Points move you to different levels; perhaps allowing greater access to sources – ie. it costs you less to call the mayor beause at level 10 he returns your call; level 1 he doesn’t

What would we gain from shifiting the focus from a traditional “Big J” story to storytelling, embraciing diverstiy that comes from many people adding pieces of what they know to a “finished” product?

  • Example: Five people ask the same five questions to discover what an award at a sewage plant means. When group gets back together, what story can they put together

Next session:

  • Blue Sky
  • Pick one angle to develop
  • Proposal:
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