How we get sources to answer our phone calls as solo website journalists

Session Convenor:

Kadidjri Lahab

Discussion Participants:

Kadidjri Lahab, Matt Renner

In no particular order here were the suggestions:

1. Explain clearly, concisely with confidence why your writing the article
and give a brief description of the online magazine website
for which you are writing.

2. Use a cell provider, Skype, or other telecommunications companies
that provide the option to have various area codes. If the interviewer
see’s a familiar area code they’re more likely to pick-up or return
the call.

3. People are interested in giving stories concerning where they live.

4. If at all possible take the three pronged approach.
a. Request an interview in person.
b. Call the potential interviewee. If no response then call them again.
Sometimes you have to be aggressive and ask them why they haven’t
returned your phone calls.
c. Email are an option too. But keep in mind that they can be ignored
or even go to receivers spam box.

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