What Process & Criteria Shall JTM use to give $4000 and Attendance to an Innovation Event or RJI?

Session Convenors: Linda Jue & Peggy Holman

Session Reporter: Peggy

Discussion Participants:

Linda Jue, Peggy Holman, Betsy Spratt (for part of the session)

Saturday – St. Andrews G – Lunch

We talked through a set of criteria and process.  Here’s what was ultimately sent to participants:

Dear Friends,

Thanks for being part of making JTM-Create or Die such an outstanding event!  We are truly excited by the innovations seeded at JTM and hope that each and every idea grows beyond the gathering in Detroit.

As promised, here is information on the criteria and process for sending a proposal to:

1.       Receive some of the $4,000 provided by Time, Inc. and

2.       Receive up to $500 to cover expenses to attend the Innovation Workshop at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) in Missouri on August 16 and 17, 2010.  (We expect the $500 to be sufficient to cover all of your travel, lodging, and conference-related costs. RJI has provided funding for 3 people to attend.)

Anyone who attended JTM-Create or Die is welcome to submit a proposal.

Prepare no more than a 2-page proposal and a budget that responds to the attached outline. Send the proposal and budget to jtm [at] journalismthatmatters [dot] org by June 21.

The conference organizers (see list below) will use your responses to the attached outline as a basis for making awards.

Our intent is to support as many projects as possible.  We considered setting specific amounts (e.g., 2 proposals each receive $2,000 or 4 proposals each receive $1,000).  We also discussed matching money to need.  Ultimately, given the amount of money available, we decided that the primary benefit of the award is the psychological boost it provides.  We felt that we best serve you by creating conditions in which “1,000 blossoms” take root.

Submission deadline:         E-mailed by midnight, June 21, 2010
Notification of decision:    June 24, 2010

(Note: Those selected to attend the RJI Innovation Workshop must complete travel arrangements with RJI staff by June 30.  Contact is Roger Gafke at gafker [at] missouri.edu, phone: 573 881 5446.)

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) is holding a training and pitch session for innovators in conjunction with the sponsors of the global Innovate100 competition, a global competition to select the 100 most innovative companies in the world.  This session is aimed at university students; however, RJI is inviting others to join the session and pitch their ideas.  The winning presenters will have an expense-paid trip to pitch at the global finals later this year.

The first morning will be a training session presented by the international team. The afternoon will be the pitch session to a national panel of investors.  The following morning will describe the resources available in central Missouri to help local innovators.  More details are in the attached workshop description.


Provide two brief project updates.  The first update is due by the end of 2010.  The second is due in approximately one year (in time for JTM-Create or Die in North Carolina in 2011).

Shared learning.  In the spirit of supporting others in learning from your experience, your proposal and updates will be posted on the JTM web site.

Work with a mentor throughout the year.  Based on an idea that emerged out of JTM-Detroit, we will work with you to match you to one or more mentors.

Even if you do not receive money or a trip to RJI, you are welcome to request a mentor.

Please contact us at jtm [at] journalismthatmatters.org or call Peggy Holman at 425.746.6274 or Michelle Ferrier at 386.366.4037.

In the spirit of learning as we go, we want your help.  By making a proposal, you are part of an experiment for Journalism That Matters.  This is our first experience in giving away money.  Please support us in learning how to support you with your feedback and thoughts on our process and materials.

Many thanks,
The Conference Organizers
Bill Densmore
Michelle Ferrier
Peggy Holman
Andrew Humphrey
Linda Jue
Alicia Nails
Harold Shinsato
Stephen Silha
MaryAnn Chick Whiteside

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