How do we create Journalism that spurs public action?

Submitted by boothism on Fri, 06/04/2010 – 1:20pm

Session Convenor:
Kwan Booth

Discussion Participants:
Kwan Booth

  • Does journalism as it is now inspire action?
    • Should it
  • What kinds of journalism inspires action?
  • What kinds of actions can be expected?
  • How do we inspire readers to become activists
  • What types of content does this?
    • Passive nature of news
    • Take action boxes
  • Do different types of content inspire action more?
    • Story, then video, then SMS action messages
    • Ethical issues involved
  • Examples:
    • MAGnet/Neutrality/Digital Divide
      • Campaign working to enlist media into policy shaping initiatives
      • Mix between journalists, advocates, activists and media makers.
  • Where does the public dialog happen?
  • How much do journalists stay “on the street” and keep the ear of the people?
  • Kat: There’s an implicit idea that if people receive the info people will act, but that’s not necessarily the case.
  • Are we talking about individual journalists or structural changes? Should we address one or the other?
  • Make the reporting more concrete and tie in details that resonate with individual communities
    • Focus on Bread and butter issues
  • Funders have been focused on funding direct services around community interactions.
  • We need to address the fears that journalists have around working with advocates.
  • Think about the extent to which an individual personality (ex: Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin) can push an agenda and change the public understanding of issues.
  • One problem is that the right breaks issues into sound bites while the left addresses the nuances of the issue.
    • But the nuances don’t really inspire action. Emotion inspires action.
  • Where does the public discourse happen and how do you place the information there?
  • Are we covering the news from the perspective of the groups who would be effected?
  • We should work to Integrate the community into the reporting process and get them more involved.
  • There needs to be a way to measure and track public interaction spurred by action.
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