What’s Emerging in the News and Information Ecosystem?

What is a news and information ecosystem? The information exchange among the public, government and institutions that can inform, inspire, engage, and activate. What do we know about it? There is a new story of journalism being born even as the old story is dying.  At its heart, that new story stays true – and […]

Efforts Related to JTM

Submitted by Steve Hanson on Tue, 05/05/2009 – 5:33pm JTM-Related Efforts Includes info compiled by Persephone Miel and Bill Densmore in November 2008. BarCamp NewsInnovation Center for Citizen Media A new initiative aimed at helping to enable and encourage grassroots media, especially citizen journalism, at every level. Center for Future Civic Media […]

An ecology of story for the well-being of community and democracy

Submitted by PeggyHolman on Wed, 06/04/2008 – 9:00am My friend and colleague, Tom Atlee, founder of the The Co-Intelligence Institute, developed a map of stories entitled Whole System Learning and Evolution — and the New Journalism that I think has great potential as a way of thinking about what is required for both great stories and great story-telling […]