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What’s working in your community?

While the challenges facing journalism are widely universal, the solutions toward expanding audiences, improving engagement and bolstering financial viability are often unique and unexpected.

Many of these initiatives were designed for specific applications or particular communities, but the lessons learned along the way can frequently be applied to other environments. The Illuminations Project is built around highlighting these sorts of solutions, and today Journalism that Matters is announcing a call-out to showcase as many of these success stories as possible.

Do you know of a news site or publication that’s doing something that others should follow? You could earn up to $250 by sharing their story on the Illuminations Blog.

There are three ways to participate:

1) Complete a story about an example of a journalistic initiative or publication that’s found a formula for success, and send us your draft. If we like it, we’ll publish it and give you $100.

2) Send us a short pitch for a story you’d like to contribute for The Illuminations Project. We’ll look at your pitch and if it seems like a good fit for the site, we’ll offer you anywhere from $100 to $250 for the completed piece. If we accept your pitch but we aren’t able to develop a successful article through the editing process, we’ll give you a $50 kill fee.

3) If you’d rather let someone else do the writing, then send us ideas for stories about what’s working in journalism that you’d like to see others write. We’ll give you $25 for every detailed idea that develops into a story on the site.

For more details, or to submit a pitch or story please send us an e-mail.