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What’s Working for You?

By looking at what’s working today, we can get a glimpse of what the future of journalism will look like and play a role in shaping that future.

This column has reported on the successes of both for-profit and non-profit journalism organizations, advances in media technology and new legislation to protect the reporter’s privilege.

But I want to know what’s working for you and to share it here so that we can collaboratively sketch out what’s effective and assess why some approaches succeed while others falter.

What new tool or process adopted at your work environment over the past year could you not imagine living without?Avatar-Image

What most excites you about how sources of news are changing?

“We’re trying to create more and better journalism,” said Mike Fancher, a JTM Board member and retired editor of The Seattle Times.  “What would make people want to participate? Who knows something that I don’t know? And what do I know that they would want to know?”What most excites you about how sources of news are changing?

On behalf of Journalism that Matters, I invite you to join in a conversation about these questions. You can either leave a comment or you can post your response as a blog entry on Journalism that Matters.