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Online Community/News Franchise Blog Up

Submitted by Michelle Ferrier on Fri, 08/07/2009 – 12:24pm

The Women’s Online News Franchise blog is up and running at http://michelleferrier.wordpress.com …but it is so much more. More broadly the blog is called “Digital Content Architects” and examines all kinds of interesting things I find along this journey toward the news franchise concept.

My most recent posts: “The Wonderful CMS of Oz: Off to find some wizards” points to the qualities of a good online community CMS (not news CMS, but one with real community functions). And in “What you ‘do’ comes before what you call it,” I look at the quandary of searching for a domain name before you know what you want to do on a site.

I’ll specifically be chronicling the franchise journey under the category “Franchise” with WCNF as the tag. So look for those specifically if you’re interested in the project.

Of course, like many of you, if I wait around for that wizard I may never get started on my journey down this yellow brick road. So you can virtually watch me tear my hair out as I come to terms with flying monkeys, poppies and COMPROMISES!


Michelle Ferrier