Session: How do we foster information li…

Session: How do we foster information literacy and media literacy in our libraries and in our communities?

  • Use games to engage groups. Example of Jane McGonigal’s game for the New York Public Library: Find the Future: The Game
  • Rheingold, a journalist, founder of Wired, prof. at Berkeley, Stanford, created a Wiki-based, asynchronous online classroom on “infotension.” How to control info overflow. Questions of transparency come up a lot in these classes.

How can we engage underserved communities to understand their information needs, create knowledge, increase social capital and strengthen the institutions committed to both?

Breakout session: working together for community engagement

What would happen if Beyond Books forged a consensus statement on libraries, journalism and participatory democracy?

How can we TRUST community engagement, especially among teens, to build to civic engagement? And support that trust via our institutions?

How should we redefine “public” and “access” to facilitate new media literacies?

  • Another case / example
    Remember the video about the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse from Peter Shane’s “Information Stories” videos yesterday? (
    In this example, the community journalists pulled in images from flickr: what do people think about this? For example as it relates to ownership? Posting images becomes point of source/record—library as public repository, host in a public way
    persistence of access
    wikimedia commons

Is it possible to create a global information network for investigative journalists?

  • Perhaps by connecting members of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project with organizations such as: IRE, Global Journalist, RJI, Soros, SLA, European and Asian business librarians, we can begin to investigate the possibilities of building information networks. This group will begin to have conversations about connecting networks interested in coming together to investigate the feasibility of creating a global information network for journalists.

Digital Citizen 2012

How can we build long-term engagement from crisis engagement?

(other sessions with great ideas)

Breakout session: How do we get everyone in the room?

Credibility, journalism, and libraries — ideas of trust and responsibility

Sustainability Session (9:30 a.m.)

1pm session: How can Librarians and Journalists collaborate in recruiting and training Citizen Journalists

Session: Instructional Strategies

Session: Obstacles and Opportunities

Session: How to encourage young people -…

How can we leverage 100,000+ news sources and libraries to gather stories and useful information? (3 pm)

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