Is it possible to create a global information network for investigative journalists?

Session Host: Dorothy Carner

Suzie Katz, Troy Espe, Tina Cheng, Helen Grosso

1. How can we create networks of global journalists and librarians to help investigative journalists have access to information currently unavailable?
2. How could we fund and staff an information center for global investigative journalists?
3. Should such an info center be a loosely organized free network?
4. How could we fund such a venture?
5. Could we create a not-for-profit info center based on tiered memberships?
6. Who would be interested in joining such a group?

Perhaps by connecting members of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project with organizations such as: IRE, Global Journalist, RJI, Soros, SLA, European and Asian business librarians, we can begin to investigate the possibilities of building information networks.

This group will begin to have conversations about connecting networks interested in coming together to investigate the feasibility of creating a global information network for journalists.

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