Session Host: Katie Ingersoll Participan…

Session Host: Katie Ingersoll

Amy Radermacher
Jack Brighton
Joy Mayer
Colin Rhinesmith
Louis Battalen
Chelsea Gunn
Meredith McCulloch
Barbara Jones
Melody Ng
Alex Kelly
Jan Harrington
Khara Whitmey-Marsh
Eileen McAdam

We spoke of how libraries and local media outlets, especially public and community media. If you are intrigued, join some of us in the JTM group:

what could these collaborations look like?

trusted public space, we have had success with events at libraries, but there are a variety of models you could use to convene people, and then have those inform what you report on, etc
libraries have computer labs, media labs, so there could be trianing on digital storytelling, provide guidance and expertise
also have satelite spaces that libraries are engaged in like book mobiles that could host those activities outside

its about partnerships finding the right parners and brining them to the table

libraries have a lot of content, which can inform us in current issues, but they are not accessible, want to work with libraries to make that more accessible, use it for community engagement, have the conversation happen in the library, and follow up in media outlets

newsrooms are rich in locla history also, Joy worked with group that keeps local records on index cards. They are working on typing that up. Newspapers don’t take advantage of that record of community history, how cna those instutitions make things relevant, along with libraries

Metadata is an important contributon to withe (eileen)

chelsea, does digitization, used to work in a microfilm department, people will use microfilm, just putting that in the library so people don’t have to go to the post gazette or an archive, people will use it more

Melody- project could be to go through historical photos at libraries, and then submit them to the newspapers along with information, then people could add things about the photo, would build a record of stories

Chelsea – similar to what library of congress does

Is there a copyright issue? If library can put it on the web they can jsut state what the issue is

Jack: raises issue of collaboration around metadata, could collaborate on ways to structure news information to make it searchable, libraries might be able to help with that, make it more available

Do radio stations routinely use metadata to keep track or archive their work?

Most don’t, but librarians could help with that preservation…

Meredith:historical society would be a good group to help with photo contributions

Jack: our libraries have info from a century or more ago about our communties, what if you had photos from different periods and inviting people in to tell stories about them, could lead into a story in the locla paper

Colin: used to work in public access tv station, we were working with members of community to put content online, in terms of citizen journalism potential for libraries and local media to foster this
skokienet is an interesting model
essential to tap into different partners like public access and community radio who are used to convening community partners