Session: Obstacles and Opportunities

We identified obstacles that included the following ideas:

Librarians value privacy but journalists value transparency and openness

We have different terminology and language that can affect how we listen to and understand each other

The fields of journalism and librarianship are on different evolutionary cycles, with different career trajectories within the disciplines

Journalists and librarians are experiencing identity crises due to rapid cultural and technological change. As a result we may be guilty of professional pride where we overvalue our own principles and devalue others

Some opportunities were identified:

Web publishing and the need for digital preservation can promote fruitful collaboration and respectful listening

Libraries are seen as neutral space that support public dialogue and discussion

Develop exchange programs between journalists and librarians

We have common ends: both journalists and librarians need citizens who have the skills they need to access and identify quality information, analyze and ask questions, compose and create messages, reflect on the social consequences of information and knowledge, and work individually and collaboratively to take action in the world.

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