2 Responses to How can we TRUST community engagement, especially among teens, to build to civic engagement? And support that trust via our institutions?

  1. Great session notes guys! this sounds like a great conversation. I am particularly excited because a couple of friends of mine are just starting a farm, and they decided they wanted a small lending library at their farm stand. I volunteered to manage it, and it will debut in a few weeks. It will be small scale to start, but I’m excited to see the response, and what directions it goes in.

    • Katie, that’s awesome! My friends in Bellingham, WA have been running a library co-op out of their house for a few years now, and it’s been doing quite well. The basic model is a requested $5/mo donation amongst members to get free lending and input on what new books the library should add to the collection. They’re now starting to sell some homemade food like dehydrated apples and homebrewed kombucha, as well as silk screen shirts and other crafts. We also sponsor events and skill shares at the space.

      I agree whole heartedly with @Jackatwill, that a farmers market type model is a great step in the right direction. At some of the Journalism that Matters meetings we’ve tossed around the idea of a journalism cafe, where community news stories could be funded by a pool of capital that comes from selling art/food/craft items.

      Here’s a picture of the main entrance to the Bellingham Alternative Library

      And they can be visited on line here:
      http://www.sushitree.org/library.php for the library
      http://neoglyphicmedia.com/ for the startup publishing company that library founder Future Man has begun

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