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Newish Knight programs

Submitted by Maurreen Skowran on Sat, 11/15/2008 – 12:47am

Knight Center of Digital Excellence

Knight Center of Digital Excellence provides sustainable approaches and
business models to ensure the ongoing growth and livability of
individual communities. In today’s highly competitive global economy
driven by digital information exchange, we provide communities with
strategic and tactical leadership to:

  • Discover digital assets and opportunities;
  • Connect key community leaders and stakeholders for collaborative implementation;
  • Create an information and communication technology (ICT) vision and roadmap;
  • Fund projects through sustainable business models and multi-stakeholder investment;
  • Build digital capacity for civic transformation and global competitiveness;
  • Transform communities through 21st-century applications for citizens and commerce.

envision that communities will use the Knight Center of Digital
Excellence’s resources and leadership to create sustainable “digital
town squares” that link public and private institutions to each other
and their constituents, resulting in enhanced economic development,
service delivery and citizen empowerment.

Knight Pulse

For some reason, I’m unable to copy and paste. But it has some overlap with us.