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JTM Poynter: Journalism in the New News Ecology

Submitted by ssilha on Sun, 03/15/2009 – 4:35pm

Over 85 people from a variety of disciplines gathered at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida March 1-4 to examine the role of journalism in the new news ecology. The Poynter session was extraordinarily successful on many fronts. We brought together many perspectives of the emerging media ecosystem that don’t usually talk. And we began to see some patterns.
Two insights from the group that rose to the top as what we now know about working in the new news ecology:
* If it serves the public good, it’s good; and
* Journalism is now entrepreneurial.

You can find session reports and complete information on the conference at .
One of the exciting outcomes is that it is highly likely that Poynter will move more towards supporting the needs of more diverse journalism entrepreneurs. See Ellyn Angelotti’s blog report at .

And you can hear a song by Jeff Vander Klute inspired by the session at .