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A look at what’s working in journalism today

If you look around or talk to your journalist friends and colleagues there is no shortage of flawed business models and dying publications to steer away from. But it’s much harder to find out about what’s actually working in the news and information ecology.

Although failure can be a powerful lesson filled with invaluable insights, it’s a lot less painful to model success than it is to learn from your own mistakes and those of others. By highlighting successful — whether economic or otherwise — new forms of journalism, we’ll develop a catalog of new and underexposed innovations in our news and information ecosystem. It is our hope that this work will spawn future successful enterprises that deliver vital information to our communities and serve civil society.

In the spirit of modeling success, The Illuminations Project will showcase what’s working in journalism both on this blog as well as through our Twitter feed @jtmstream, we’ve also started using the hashtag#wwjtm (whats working — journalism that matters) and encourage you to also use it to highlight journalistic endeavors that seem to be working.

We’ll be posting here every week as part of a new column on what’s working in journalism, and if you or someone know is doing something that’s working, please feel free to drop me a note.