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Journalism That Matters Receives a Three-year Grant Totaling $90,000 from the Mott Foundation

Multi-year funding will help nonprofit illuminate news experiments nationwide

Journalism That Matters (JTM), an organization that is shaping the news and media landscape with breakthrough engagement practices, has received a three-year, $90,000 grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Known for convening diverse people who are shaping the emerging news and information ecosystem, the Mott grant will be used to highlight emerging principles and practices of journalism of, by and for the people.  The work will amplify experimentation and collaboration for a journalism ecosystem that serves the public good.

On April 3-4, JTM hosts a gathering of traditional and emerging journalists, community activists, educators, technologists, librarians and others at the Eslow Center in Denver. “Journalism is Dead; Long Live Journalism” examines what is working in the Colorado news and information ecosystem since the demise of the Rocky Mountain News in order to identify journalistic principles and experiments that can inform other communities.

After 10 years as an informal network, Journalism That Matters received 501(c)(3) status in 2012. JTM has a track record of engagement that creates breakthrough ideas, innovation, collaboration and action around the changing news landscape.  More than 1,400 alumni have participated in events that inspired journalistic ventures such as the Common Language Project, the Living Textbook Project, and the TAO of Journalism.

Journalism That Matters, Seattle, Wash., serves by:

  • Bringing together a wide array of people so that journalism engages communities and communities engage in journalism.
  • Using breakthrough engagement practices that foster collaboration, innovation, and confidence to address complex challenges.
  • Making visible emerging principles of journalism by, for and of the people by sharing stories of the evolving news and information ecosystem.

The Mott Foundation, established in 1926 by an automotive pioneer, is a private philanthropy committed to supporting projects that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society. It supports nonprofit programs throughout the U.S. and, on a limited geographic basis, internationally. Grantmaking is focused in four programs: Civil Society, Environment, Flint Area and Pathways Out of Poverty. Besides Flint, offices are located in metropolitan Detroit, Johannesburg (South Africa) and London. The Foundation, with 2011 year-end assets of $2.16 billion, made 456 grants totaling $89.3 million.


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