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Create or Die 2

Disrupting the Status Quo
with Journalism Innovation and Entrepreneurship

June 2-5, 2011
University of North Carolina Greensboro

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We are creating a mashup of journalists, technologists, community activists, educators and others to help us reimagine a media landscape that speaks to diverse communities and underrepresented populations.

The three-day event is a design/build/pitch “unconference” format. Participants will create sessions based on the passions that they bring with them. Our goal is to put the right people in the room to create journalism innovations and entrepreneurial ideas from the event.

We are particularly focusing on bringing together the nation’s best thinkers and doers to help address “media deserts” – places with little or no access to local news and information. We are focusing on examples of community news and information sites outside of traditional media that may serve as examples of sustainable community journalism.

If you are interested in innovations in community news and information, bring your perspectives to add a unique dimension to the event conversations.

And spread the word — invite the people in your networks who are passionate about great journalism and community stories.

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