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JTM Co-founder Peggy Holman releases book

JTM Co-founder Peggy Holman has followed her first publication, The Change Handbook, which describes methods for whole systems change, with her second release through Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Engaging Emergence.

If, like so many individuals, corporations and cultural systems today, you face upheaval, disturbance, dissonance; and if you’re looking for a source of courage, hope, and faith despite the dire warnings of collapse and struggling systems, this book offers a path to a livable future.

  • Engaging Emergence brings both compelling ideas and powerful actions for those who wish to increase their capacity for working with uncertainty, upheaval, dissonance, and change.
  • It is for leaders – both formal and informal – managers, officials, community leaders, opinion leaders, change practitioners, activists and change agents of all sorts – who face complex, important issues, and seek new alternatives for addressing them in these unprecedented times.
  • It provides insight into the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual landscape that upheaval evokes in most of us, fostering compassion with ourselves and others.
  • It offers a framework for understanding the larger forces at play that create the sense of disruption most of us are experiencing and highlights individual and collective practices for working with those disruptions creatively.
  • And it focuses on what it takes to renew ourselves and our systems wisely, conserving what endures as we embrace what wasn’t possible before.

Whether you thrive on theory and having a map of the territory, prefer to focus on specifics you can practice, or favor the combination, this book seeks to equip you for working well with disruption by providing a practical perspective of the dynamics of emergent complexity through which order arises out of chaos.

For more information about the book: http://peggyholman.com/papers/engaging-emergence/