Thoughts before arriving at Pocantico

When answering a few questions before they met at The Pocantico Center, some thoughts emerged that would help ground the discussion throughout the gathering and help crystallize their goals and follow-up action.

Thoughts Before

“The public has too often been excluded from the debates and
discussions about the future of journalism…Let’s build
community around the news.”
Craig Aaron, President and CEO, FreePress

“We’re referred to as freelancers who contribute “content”.
Such terminology does not reflect the risks, investment
and contribution of our journalism.”
Michelle Garcia, independent journalist/filmmaker

“There needs to be a way to provide for the business of
journalism without turning journalism itself into a business.”
Jeff Yang, columnist, Wall Street Journal online

“We need more diversity when it comes to race, age,
language, class, geography. Not just because it’s a great thing
to do—our very survival depends on this.”


“Independent journalism is fearless – not beholden to authority
or access to power– telling stories that others won’t tell.”
Molly de Aguiar, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

“I’d like to see a network, or incubator, that provides resources
that helps develop and keep young journalists in the game.”
Chris Faraone, DigBoston

“Design the media system we need to actually make a healthy
democracy, and then go find the money to make it happen.”
Michael Stoll, SF Public Press

“Repair the opinion that the public has about
journalism and its value.”
Iván Román, communications consultant, formerly NAHJ

“We have to get the essence of things in front of people and
the technology helps us do that.”
Robert Rosenthal, Center for Investigative Reporting

“[There’s a need for] freelance journalists to develop networks of
support and exchange information to improve contracts, rates.”
Valeria Fernández, independent journalist












“Community engagement – inclusivity and diversity – is a key to
building stronger independent journalism.”
Molly de Aguiar, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Juana Ponce de León, NYC Council Speaker’s Office,
formerly NY Independent Press Association

“Independent journalism is speaking truth to power and
doing it without having strings attached.”
Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, The Media Consortium