Trevor Griffey and Rosalinda Mendoza

Session Reporter: Trevor Griffey

Conversationalist 1: Rosalinda Mendoza

Conversationalist 2: Trevor Griffey

1. What meaning did you take from the conversation?

Non-profit issue organizations and non-profit news agencies need to collaborate in the revitalization of the news industry. Their interests converge in that the collapse of the journalism industry has made it difficult for non-profits to get their issues covered adequately (or even at all), while those seeking to create non-profit news sources need financial and organizational resources that non-profits have much greater ease developing. The challenge remains to create a working model for collaboration that retains editorial independence from funders.

2. Share a standout story or quote for each of you.

Rosalinda creates and oversees local councils that bring often antagonistic groups (farmers and farmworkers, politicians and low-income migrants) together to produce safe housing for migrant farmworkers. The collaborations are pretty remarkable.

3. What surprised, challenged, inspired, and/or delighted you about the conversation?

Finding common cause between the communications challenges of non-profits and the business challenges of the journalism industry.

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