Who Participated?

Tag Cloud created from participant registration feedback.

Here’s our participant list, in alpha order:

  1. Peg Achterman, professor, Northwest University, Kirland, Wash.
  2. Susan Adler, Northwest Assn. for Biomedical Research, Seattle, Wash. (ad hoc registration)
  3. Carolyn Adolph, public insight journalist, KUOW-FM, 94.9, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  4. Nancy Amidei, Civic Engagement Project, Seattle, Wash.
  5. Michael Andersen, contributor, Nieman Journalism Lab, Portland, Oregon
  6. Berit Anderson, editorial intern, Yes! Magazine, Seattle, Wash.
  7. Ross Anderson, freelance journalist, Port Townsend Wash.
  8. Jacqui Banaszynski, Professor and RJI Fellow, Reynolds Journalism Institute / Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
  9. Melissaa Bangasser, trustee and Director of Center for Island Studies, Vashon College, Vashon Island, Wash.
  10. Thomas Bangasser, trustee, Vashon College, Vashon Island, Wash.
  11. John Barnes, communications director, Washington Policy Center, Seattle, Wash.
  12. Steve Bass, president & CEO, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland, Ore.
  13. David Beers, founder/editor, The Tyee, Vancouver, B.C.
  14. Jim Bellinger, retired/crisis-clinic volunteer, Lacey, Wash.
  15. Lance Bennett, Center for Communication and Civic Engagement, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  16. Ann Bergman, publisher, Seattle’s Child Magazine, Seattle, Wash.
  17. Sanjay Bhatt, Seattle chapter president, Asian American Journalists Association, Seattle, WAsh.
  18. David Boardman, executive editor, The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash.
  19. Jill Bolduc, public-affairs volunteer, KBCS community radio, Seattle, Wash.
  20. Michael Bradbury, CEO, REALscience, Seattle, Wash.
  21. Deborah Brandt, retired radio broadcaster, Seattle, Wash.
  22. Jody Brannon, national director, Carnegie-Knight News 21, Phoenix, Ariz.
  23. Moss Bresnahan, president/CEO, KCTS Television, Seattle, Wash.
  24. Mark Briggs, author of Journalism 2.0/Journalism Next, CEO of Serra Media, Seattle, Wash.
  25. Tom Brown, assistant director, HistoryLink.org, Seattle, Wash.
  26. William Brown, CEO, All Headline News, Wellington, Fla.
  27. Jacob Caggiano, former production associate, Alaska CBS affiliate, Pullman, Wash.
  28. Oren Campbell, education chair, Western Washington SPJ chapter, Camano Island, Wash.
  29. Justin Carder, VP-business development, Instivate, Seattle, Wash.
  30. Carole Carmichael, asst. managing editor/features, The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash.
  31. Dennis Case, public-info officer, US Navy, retired, Redmond, Wash.
  32. Fani Castillo, Seattle, Wash. (ad hoc registration)
  33. Enrique Cerna, executive director of production, KCTS 9 public TV, Seattle, Wash.
  34. Athima Chansanchai, founder/president, Tima Media, Seattle, Wash.
  35. Jody Chatalas, managing/online editor, Encore Media Group, and student, University of Washington Master of Communication in Digital Media, Seattle, Wash.
  36. Carole Christie,  communications director, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
  37. Nicole Ciridon, student, University of Wassjtm-seshington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  38. Amy Clark, deputy director, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Seattle, Wash.
  39. Martin Collier, executive director, Glaser Progress Foundation, Seattle, Wash. (tentative)
  40. Doug Conarroe, asst. managing editor, online, Tacoma News Tribune, Tacoma, Wash.
  41. K. Cook, (global, Vietnam focus), Seattle, Wash.
  42. Kerry Coughlin, Seattle, Wash.
  43. Charlotte Crawford, Detroit, Mich.
  44. Florangela Davila, UW School of Communications, former Seattle Times reporter, Seattle, Wash.
  45. Karen Ducey, multimedia journalist, ex-PI photographer, Seattle, Wash.
  46. Margo Gordon, dean and emeritus professor, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  47. Ashley Degon, student newspaper editor, Pierce College, Lakewood, Wash.
  48. Carina del Rosario, communications professional, Seattle, Wash.
  49. Sally Deneen, writer, SeattlePostGLobe.com, Seattle, Wash.
  50. Bill Densmore, director, Media Giraffe Project, co-founder CircLabs Inc., Williamstown, Mass.
  51. John DeRosa, Meta Consulting, Seattle, Wash.
  52. Diane Douglas, executive director, CityClub, Seattle
  53. Amy Duncan, editor/advertising coordinator, Upper Seattle LLC/MyGreenLake.com, Seattle, Wash.
  54. Scott Durham, president and logger-hosted software manager, Instivate/Neighborlogs / publisher, CentralDistrictNews.com, Seattle, Wash.
  55. Jessica Durkin, Region 3 director, National Assn. of Hispanic Journalists, Scranton, Penn.
  56. Daysha Eaton, founder, Superstringer.com, Beverly Hills, Calif.
  57. Kimberly Elliott, publisher, rabble.ca, Toronto, Canada
  58. Stuart Elway, principal, Elway Research Inc.,  researcher, Front Porch Forum, Seattle, Wash.
  59. George Erb, editor, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle, Wash.
  60. Benjamin Ernst, managing producer, KBCS Radio, Seattle, Wash.
  61. Patricio Espinoza, founder, AlamoCityTimes.com, San Antonio, Texas
  62. Mike Fancher, Seattle Times (ret.) & RJI Fellow 2009, Seattle, Wash.
  63. Michelle Ferrier, journalism professor, Elon University, Greensboro, N.C.
  64. Saje FitzGerald, graduate student, Univ. of Victoria, Victoria, Canada
  65. Jill Freidberg, filmmaker and radio producer, Seattle, Wash.
  66. Lewis Friedland, journalism professor, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison / “Madison Common”, Milwaukee, Wis.
  67. Sandy Frost, independent free-lance journalist, NewsVine.com, Spanaway, Wash.
  68. Cate Gable, Axioun Com. Intl. // for the Chinook Observer, Nahcotta, Wash.
  69. Roger Gafke, program-development director, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Univ. of Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
  70. Kathy Gill, professor, digital media, Univ. of Washington, Seattle
  71. Brian Glanz, The Open Science Federation, Seattle, Wash.
  72. Susan Gleason, media and outreach manager, YES! Magazine, Seattle, Wash.
  73. Tim Gleason, dean, Univ. of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, Eugene, Ore.
  74. Sonya Green, KBCS.FM, Seattle, Wash.
  75. Trevor Griffey, publisher, Olympia Journalism Project, Seattle, Wash.
  76. Monica Guzman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle, Wash.
  77. Casey Haakenson, CTO and News Web App Developer, Notice Software LLC, Portland, Oregon
  78. John Hamer, Director of the Washington News Council, Seattle, Wash.
  79. Charles Hamilton, CHCS Internet Development, Seattle, Wash.
  80. Daniel Hannah, Reclaim the Media, Seattle, Wash.
  81. Andrew Hart, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  82. Aaron Hartwell, Seattle, Wash.
  83. Candace Heckman, former PI breaking news editor, Seattle, Wash.
  84. Sheri Herndon, Seattle, Wash.
  85. Rita Hibbard, executive director and editor, InvestigateWest, Edmonds, Wash.
  86. Larry Hildes, Bellingham, Wash.
  87. Cameron Hall, sustainability activist, owner-architect, STAVE Studio, Seattle, Wash.
  88. Morgan Holm, VP-News, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland, Ore.
  89. Peggy Holman , co-founder, Journalism that Matters, Bellevue, Wash.
  90. Kiki Citra Horas, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  91. Hanson Hosein, Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  92. Andrew Humphrey, reporter, WDIV-TV and Journalism That Matters volunteer, Detroit, Mich.
  93. Ann Hurst, advocate for St. Edward State Park, Kenmore, Wash.
  94. Naomi Ishisaka, communications director, OneAmerica, Seattle, Wash.
  95. Nathan Jackson, B-sustainable reporter, Sustainable Seattle, Seattle, Wash.
  96. Sally James, owner, James Writing, Seattle, Wash.
  97. Brook Jarvis, YES! Magazine, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
  98. Sue John, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, Seattle, Wash.
  99. Larry Johnson, content editor, SeattlePostGlobe.com, Seattle, Wash.
  100. Jessica Jones, Program & Operations Manager, CityClub, Seattle, Wash.
  101. Chris Jordan, Northwest artist, Seattle, Wash.
  102. Linda Jue, Director / New Voices in Independent Journalism / Northern California Society of Professional Journalists / San Francisco
  103. Ranny Kang, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  104. Irv Kass, blogger/former TV news director in San Diego, Calif. (ad hoc registration)
  105. Pamela Kilborn-Miller, social media team lead, Connecting for Change, Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, Vancouver, B.C.
  106. Sam Kimball, Reclaim the Media, Seattle, Wash.
  107. Lion Kimbro, visualization researcher, Kent, Wash.
  108. John Kittross, editor, Media Ethics magazine, Seattle, Wash.
  109. Paul Koberstein, editor, Cascadia Times, Portland, Ore.
  110. Yuko Kodama, producer, Reclaim the Media, Seattle, Wash.
  111. Nate Kommers, Communications Manager, Sightline Institute, Seattle, Wash.
  112. Alexis Krell, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  113. Kris Krug, photographer, pro-am activist, founder Bryght/RainCity Studios, Vancouver, B.C.
  114. Kirk LaPointe, managing editor, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, B.C.
  115. Daniel Lathrop, author, “Open Government,”  and chief digital strategist, InvestigateWest,  Seattle, Wash.
  116. Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media, Seattle, Wash.
  117. Phil Le Good, co-producer/contributor, Wake-Up with Coop, CFRO-Vancouver Coop Radio, White Rock, Canada
  118. Ken LeBlond, Communications Specialist/Webmaster, U.S. Veterans Administration Puget Sound
  119. Elaine S. Lee, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  120. Kim Lowe, senior producer, MSN Local, Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.
  121. Paul Lowenberg, founder, FastForward Communications, Seattle, Wash.
  122. Diem Ly, editor-in-chief, International Examiner, Seattle, Wash.
  123. Doreen Marchionni, Tacoma, Wash.
  124. Alisha Mark, media relations manager, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, Wash.
  125. Stephanie Mathieu, graduate student, Univ. of Mo. Journalism School, Columbia, Mo. (PNW native)
  126. Lori Matsukawa, anchor, KING TV, Seattle, Wash.
  127. Michael McCarthy, editor & CEO, LocalHealthGuide, Seattle, Wash.
  128. Robert McClure, chief environmental correspondent, InvestigateWest, Seattle, Wash.
  129. Jim McGinley, Ashoka/Youth Venture, Newcastle, Wash.
  130. Ilona Meagher, author, Moving a Nation to Care, Caledonia, Ill.
  131. Rosalinda Mendoza, Washington Farmworker Housing Trust, Seattle, Wash.
  132. David Messerschmidt, Public Affairs Media Group, Seattle, Wash.
  133. Kristin Mills, student publications director, Univerity of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  134. William Mitchell, senior advisor, The Alki Fund of the Tides Foundation, Vashon, Wash.
  135. Rob Moitoza, writer for Humanists of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  136. Cate Montana, Global Intelligence Press, Rainier, Wash.
  137. Estevan Munoz-Howard, Youth Media Institute, Seattle, Wash.
  138. Chris Nelson, principal, Campaign Shoutin’ Communications, Kirland, Wash.
  139. Don Nelson, Seattle, Wash.
  140. John Nelson, director, online marketing, Pioneer Newspapers, Seattle, Wash.
  141. Dana Neuts, Freelance Journalist, Virtually Yourz, Kent, Wash.
  142. Dennis Newman, publisher, Natural Oregon, Portland, Oregon
  143. Stacy Nguyen, editor, Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle, Wash.
  144. Lisbet Nilson, free-lance editor/writer, Seattle, Wash.
  145. Toby Nixon, president, Washington Coalition for Open Government, Seattle, Wash.
  146. Christopher Norred, community program manager, Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.
  147. Andrea Otanez, journalism instructor, Everett Community College, Everett, Wash.
  148. Jessica Partnow, executive director, The Common Language Project, Seattle, Wash.
  149. Tom Paulson, Northwest Science Writers Association, Olympia Wash.
  150. Robert Payne, director of communities, The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash.
  151. Lynne Peeples, free-lance science journalist, New York, N.Y.
  152. Julie Pham, managing editor, Nguoi Viet Tay Bac/Northwest Vietnamese News, Seattle, Wash.
  153. Lawrence Pintak, dean, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Washington State University
  154. David Poulson, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, Mich.
  155. Kelly Jane Powell, student, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore.
  156. Bart Preecs, founder, Media Policy Network, Seattle, Wash.
  157. Amy Rainey, student, University of Washington, Master of Communication in Digital Media, Seattle, Wash.
  158. Karen Rathe, lecturer in journalism, University of Washington Dept. of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  159. Tracy Record, West Seattle Blog, West Seattle, Wash.
  160. Ross Reynolds, KUOW host / master’s candidate Univ. of Wash. digital media, Seattle, Wash.
  161. Norm Rice, president, Seattle Foundation, Seattle, Wash.
  162. Bill Richards, free-lance writer, Indianola, Wash.
  163. Rich Riski, Peninsula College, Journalism, Port Angeles, Wash
  164. Peter Rinearson, Alki Software Corp., Seattle, Wash.
  165. Sabrina Roach, Development & Outreach Director, KBCS 91.3 FM Community Radio, Bellevue, Wash.
  166. Matt Rosenberg, councilor coordinator, Countywide Community Forums of King County, Seattle, Wash.
  167. Parisa Sadrzadeh, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  168. Scott Schaefer, founder/publisher/editor, The B-Town Blog/LOL Dudez, LLC, Burien, Wash.
  169. Steve Scher, Senior host, instructor, Weekday, KUOW-FM, Univ. of Wash., Seattle, Wash.
  170. Kathy Schrier, Washington Journalism Education Association, Seattle, Wash.
  171. Douglas Schuler, president & faculty member, The Public Sphere Project at The Evergreen State College, Seattle Wash.
  172. David Seago, board member, Washington Coalition for Open Government, Seattle, Wash.
  173. Katy Sewall, lead producer, “Weekday,” KUOW Public Radio, Seattle, Wash.
  174. Carrie Shaw, Countywide Community Forums, Seattle, Wash.
  175. Harold Shinsato, programmer, originator, MissoulaBarCamp.org, Stevensville, Montana
  176. Stephen Silha , Journalism that Matters, Vashon, Wash.
  177. Sarajane Siegfriedt, community activist, Seattle, Wash.
  178. Roger Simpson, professor, Dart Professor of Journalism and Trauma, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  179. Danielle Sipple, blogger, Femmeremix, Vancouver, B.C.
  180. Maurreen Skowran, copy editor/JTM steward, Albuquerque, N.M.
  181. Don Smith, Seattle PostGlobe, Seattle, Wash.
  182. Andrew Sorkin, Sorkinsound.com Thenewhive.com, Seattle, Wash.
  183. John Spady, deputy councilor coordinator, Countywide Community Forums of King County, Seattle, Wash.
  184. Ian Stacconi, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  185. Aaron Stadler, owner/operator, Fat Cat Vdo Inc., Lake Forest Park, Wash.
  186. Anne Stadler, Lake Forest Park, Wash.
  187. Matthew Stadler, collaborator, suddenly.org, Portland, Ore.
  188. Grace Stahre, free-lance filmmaker, Seattle, Wash.
  189. John Stang, Univ. of Washington graduate student digital-media program, Seattle, Wash.
  190. Dale Steinke, interactive news and operations manager, KING 5 TV, Seattle, Wash.
  191. Chantal Stevens, program manager, King County Auditor’s Office, Seattle
  192. Alex Stonehill, Common Language Project, Seattle, Wash.
  193. Sarah Stuteville, co-founder, lead journalist, Common Language Project, Seattle, Wash.
  194. Herng Su, chairman, journalism, National Chengchi University,Taipei, Taiwan
  195. Joe Sullivan, Technology & Social Change Group, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, Wash.
  196. Kathleen Sullivan (ad hoc registration)
  197. Shane Suzuki, public affairs, VA Puget Sound Health Care, Seattle, Wash.
  198. Kerry Swanson, station manager, Northwest Public Radio, Pullman, Wash.
  199. Chuck Taylor, former managing editor, Crosscut, Seattle, Wash.
  200. Suzanne Tedesko, Seattle, Wash.
  201. Chris Thomas, senior producer, Public News Service, Seattle, Wash.
  202. Stewart Tilger, commercial photographer, Seattle, Wash.
  203. Luke Timmerman, Xconomy, Seattle, Wash.
  204. Lindsay Toler, reporter, Snohomish County Tribune Newspapers, Seattle, Wash.
  205. Mark Trahant, 2009-2010 Media Fellow, Kaiser Family Foundation, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
  206. Leif Utne, VP, community development, Zanby, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
  207. Joaquin Uy, News Director, KBCS Community Radio, Bellevue, Wash.
  208. Pedro Valdivia, dreamnow123@yahoo.com, Seattle, Wash.
  209. Ava Van, student, Seattle Pacific University, Renton, Wash.
  210. Sarah van Gelder, Executive Editor, co-founder, YES Magazine, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
  211. Jeff Vander Clute, president, CircLabs Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.
  212. Richard VanderKnyff, managing editor-local, Microsoft Network (MSN), Woodinville, Wash.
  213. Zach Verdin, Seattle, Wash.
  214. James Vesely, publications advisor, Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, Wash.
  215. Wilhelmina Wang Hayward, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  216. Briana Watts, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  217. Bill Weaver, Media that Matters, Victoria, BC, Canada
  218. Karen Weill, Bellingham, Wash.
  219. Nancy White, Full Circle Associates, Seattle, Wash.
  220. Bruce Wilkinson, Olympia, Wash.
  221. Derek Wing, communications director, NAPCA, Seattle, Wash.
  222. Steven Wright, owner, Wright Collaborative LLC, Seattle, Wash.
  223. Vicky Yan, student, University of Washington Department of Communication, Seattle, Wash.
  224. Jadine Ying, Huntersville, N.C.
  225. Chris Zarm, general manager, Deutscher Press Verband (DPV), Hamburg, German
  226. Negash Zewdie, Sustainable Seattle, Seattle, Wash.