The Invitation

What does it take to find answers for our changing social systems?

An “unconference”.

Join Journalism That Matters’ national series of extraordinary action-oriented discussions in Seattle this January as we explore the changing relationship between journalism and communities.

If journalism’s old story was to provide people with the necessary information to be free and self-governing citizens, in the emerging news ecology, journalism not only informs, but engages, inspires, and activates people within their role as free and self-governing citizens.

As journalists struggle to understand their changing role in an environment where anyone can publish and report on world events, citizens struggle to shift from mere consumers of information to co-creators engaging in conversation about what is meaningful as citizens in a free democracy.

How can the press and the public help each other? What’s possible now? How do we activate new forms of civic and public engagement?

We start by throwing out the “experts come and lecture” conference model. No one is an expert in changing times. At JTM the medium is the message, and our “unconferences,” utilizing Open Space Technology, ensure that new voices and new ideas are heard, and that inspiring opportunities and exponential networking occurs.

Come engage Pacific NW journalists, civic voices, community activists, broadcasters, educators, ethnic media, students, emergent voices, digital entrepreneurs and business people (see who’s coming) actively involved in defining our evolving Pacific NW news ecology. Seattle program “catalysts” Norman RiceTracy Record, and Chris Jordan will be part of the conversation on developing new information sources, economic solutions and accountability models that work to create a revitalized journalism that matters in a society grounded in social networking and civic engagement models that effect dynamic change.

Share your work and your organization’s visions/models of social, journalistic, and technological reform in person. Information tables in The Commons are available for registrants interested in having a more visible presence during this four-day conversation. Get your message across in person.

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Questions and opportunities in a new era of journalism:

Given the state of the industry, WHAT’s possible now? WHO are the new journalists? HOW are stories chosen? HOW are they told? WHAT kind of change is productive? WHO can the public trust? WHAT is the role of journalism in connecting people and community? WHERE can editors find qualified contributors and information with increasingly diminished budgets? WHAT new technological sources are reliable? WHERE is the new newsroom? WHEN are beat blogs, twittering and social networks best utilized? WHY is transparency so important? HOW do we maintain transparency and accountability while protecting sources?


Registration, $175 (nonprofit) and $250 (regular participant) per person for the full conference.

Or register for just the News and Information Commons – January 7, 4:00-9:30pm for $40

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Cascade Room, Haggett Hall
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
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