Snowboarder and medical geek

Submitted by jamesian on Sat, 01/02/2010 – 1:18pm

Session Reporter: Sally James

Conversationalist 1:  Sally James

Conversationalist 2: Peter Andrew Hart

The snowboarder and the geek talked about VO2 and why at altitude some people can get by with less oxygen and others falter. They talked

about the 1986 Volvo station wagon and its cultural import in the Northwest. They agreed on this -they both like reading long-form

journalism, and they both like complicated ideas that frequently can’t be communicated on a cell phone.

Andrew: I think anything is possible. I’m tired of peope who jump to the conclusion (about death of traditional journalism) that the replacement is going to be all isolating… I don’t buy that. The structures and models are changing and will require innovation. ..But we are shifting the discussion to what is helping the audience react and engage with ideas in a more intimate way. There will be more doors to a 2-way conversation.

Sally: I want more places to sell stories about antigens on cancer cells. The public does not know it, but what is going

on in the laboratories of South Lake Union matters politically, culturally as well as scientifically.

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