How might we teach engagement in universities and high schools/ How do we keep engagement dynamic?

Session hosts: Samantha Shotzbarger and Margaret Staniforth and Elaine Cha
Participants: John Spady
Sydette Jarry
Miro Merrill
Ashley Alvarado

  • when stepping in a community, different from your own know your own lens and agenda
  • learn to engage with the people you are already close to
  • bring engagement to middle and grade school students
  • look to students without ties to community to find out how they are engaging
  • teach students to further the conversation with people who give angry comments
  • use students’ passions to engage
  • look to educators for tools to connect with
  • recognize engagement as a lide long work without an end point
  • use job model to get experience
  • embrace difficult partnerships
  • write about the basics of your life

About Samantha Shotzbarger

Journalist | Digital media storyteller | Community engagement specialist @PINBureau | News intern @KTAR923 | Former education reporter @CronkiteNews |
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