Table of Contents

Friday 10:30
How might we really listen to communities? Andrew Haeg
What does engagement mean? What do we mean by engagement? Ashley Alvarado, Amber Rivera
How do we develop citizen journalists? Carrie Watters, Steph Routh
When journalism is engaging a community conversation, what does it look like? How does it differ from traditional reporting? Lee van der Voo
Friday 1:00
What is objectivity in journalism? Nathan Stevens
Ways to set up news operation who’s structure makes engagement easy and safe? How can we create feedback loops that our work is sustaining all of our communities? Understanding the dynamics around local journalism and engagement Tom Glaisyer, Michelle Ferrier, Tom Stites
Ways journalists can connect to others Jerry Millhon
How can media do well by doing good? For Media Orgs with limited resources what makes engagement strategic Susan Gleason, Linda Miller
Friday 2:30
Building empathetic narratives around real/embodied/virtual spaces? Michelle Ferrier, Anne Stadler, Dan Archer
Is there a structural bias built into how we define journalism that prevents rich engagement w communities of color? In what ways can we resist engagement that reinforces media of diverse communities as monoliths? Jo Ellen Kaiser, Elaine Cha
What is newsworthy? Who determined it? How? Pros and cons of process? Mike Green
How do we convince skeptics that engagement is worthwhile and scale up across a newsroom/organization? What are concrete ways that authentic engagement can add capacity to newsrooms? Caitlin Moran, Fiona Morgan
How can the tools and practice of journalism help further movements for justice and dignity? Sarah Loose
Friday plenaries
Friday afternoon: 35 – What’s a key idea that guides your engagement work?
About 35
Friday evening community Conversation
Saturday 9:30
How might we better teach engagement in universities and high schools? Samantha Shotzbarger, Margaret Staniforth, Elaine Cha
How do we honor different spheres of engagement and build stronger bridges to move people between spheres? How do we move out audience from intention to action? Melia Tichenor, Celeste Hamilton Dennis
When would you pay for the news? Would an engaged community financially support journalism and why? Meghan Farnsworth
How can JTm support those who are birthing the emerging ecosystem? Michelle Ferrier
Saturday 10:45
How do we map and use conversations for rich and honest engagement? Sydette Harry
Creative ways to structure live and online public forums and conversations that combine art, data, facts, storytelling, and hospitality? jesikah maria ross
Outlining the How-To Field Guide: What’s in it? Who’s it for? Elissa Adair
Tool for Engagement – Conversation about the Field Guide
How might we build a digital platform that supports our communities of practice? Andrew DeVigal
What are measures for engagement? What are feedback loops for important community perspectives and values? John Spady
Developmental Evaluation: Inquiring into what the questions tell us Chris Corrigan, Yve Susskind
Saturday afternoon: Cheeks in chairs – what are we learning?
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