Journalism That Matters cultivates “healthy journalists”, renewing the inner life of the journalist, embracing all forms of media engagement, preparing the next generation of journalists with an eye towards the emerging citizen journalist.

Since 2001, JTM has hosted vibrant and catalytic “unconferences” using Open Space technologies, media technologies and conversational practices that engage the creativity of the people who show up, inspiring them to find solutions that effect positive change.  So far over twenty varied initiatives (LINK) have resulted. Here’s a taste from the Journalism That Matters 2010 Pacific Northwest unconference, “Re-imagining News and Community in the Pacific Northwest.”

JTM members include reporters, bloggers, editors, citizen journalists, publishers, media educators, community activists, tweeters, videographers, social entrepreneurs, photographers, reformers and volunteer journalists from print, broadcast, and online media, both mainstream and entrepreneurial. Individually and collectively we are working hard to reinvent ourselves as well as the overall news medium, including investigating new economic models to support a healthy, vibrant journalism community.