Oakland eco-healing programs for journalists

April 21, 2006

Journalism That Matters
West Oakland Group
Azalea Blalock

Diversity Healing Eco-programs

Purpose – Diversity Healing Eco-programs will be part of the whole eco-village concept. You must start with the people as individuals before you can heal the planet at large. Individual groups of youth, journalist, and citizens of community will be taken on local & world wide healing retreats to start the eco-village healing process. Then and only then can journalist tell world wide news by connecting with themselves first and tapping into what they are feeling and how they can heal and merge with community in healing.

1. These trips would consist of trips to Africa, India & world wide retreats where first the journalist will deal with healing themselves first. Ancient healing techniques of looking back at ancient civilizations and the way they can heal. They will be allowed to explore their creativity.
2. Trips will be taken with community and youths & their healing interaction regarding healing between the journalist and community merge. The two will merge on a retreat of healing and adventure.

3. Eco-village & Eco-newsroom Healing – After the retreats the exploration of how change can be made in the hometowns of eco-living within & without will be taken into action. The eco-newsroom will transform into a healing area where journalist can be allowed to be free and creative in their work. This will consist of:

1. Healing meditation room
2. Water therapy fountains
3. Plants
4. Healing colors
5. Air purifiers
6. No cubicles
7. on site Ancient healing massage
8. Healthy Live foods
9. Organic garden where the journalist and the community are involved with. This relieves stress as well as provides food and productivity.
10. a lot of natural lightning
11. Ergonomically correct desk etc.

An area will be redone in a sustainable healthy way that will encourage healing environment

The children & community will be involved in the eco-village healing process and will be encourage taking action in how they can make a change directly in their community. By working on healing themselves & connecting with other countries and community journalist who puts out the news to the community allows an eco- interchange among the world.

This is a healing component of the West Oakland Eco-village healin

Letter of Intent:

Healthy Thru Nature Institute
IAM Eco-village
Founder – Azalea Blalock
April 20, 2006


Good day:

My name is Azalea Blalock of Healthy Thru Nature Institute. I am writing you a letter of intent for funding for an eco-retreat. The idea of an eco-retreat is a sustainable eco-village of healing and learning. Merging the youth with the elders in a natural environment. There will be organic gardening, healing rooms featuring holistic modalities such as relaxation workshops, diversity healing workshops for businesses to connect with nature, themselves & community so that they can be more effective in the workplace, cultural eco-adventure for children, families & more. The eco-retreat will use solar energy, & everything will be made out of natural materials. It will be a place to teach about ancient culture & how to preserve ourselves as well as our world. People will come from all over the world to learn about healing nature, ourselves, & community. We would like to purchase land and build yurts and log cabins to carry this much needed dream out. We will have cancer prevention classes, massage, acupressure, acupuncture, growing of natural herbs, colon hydrotherapy, live food classes, how to start eco-villages in inner-city workshops healing retreats for individuals & more. We look forward to turning this much needed dream into a reality. We thank you for your time & ask for the opportunity of funding this much needed project.

Azalea Blalock

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