Atwater Soup

by David Johnson on 25 April

Atwater Sunfish Gazette project proposal:

Since the Sunfish Gazette is seeking sustainability, we will continue to explore Richard Anderson’s Village Soup. Dave will take all the information he has to the Atwater Newspaper Corporation board of directors May 11. We have been in an Either/Or situation: print or electronic news. I will propose a Both/And approach. We can bring much more immediacy to our news electronically but probably do not want to eliminate print. Two other advantages I will point out are: 1) interface between electronic and print forms, 2) we would be able to use many more of the pictures we have available to us. Richard Anderson wants more information on the demographics of our school district and our county. The Atwater Sunfish Gazette currently covers primarily Atwater news with the school news being the only overlap into Cosmos and Grove. The consolidated school district is: Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (ACGC). Dave will provide Richard this information and hope to have more information from him on costs of using his platform
. Richard feels that the Blandin Foundation may be willing to help the Sunfish Gazette with funding for this venture. We would probably need to add at least two employees to the one we currently have to keep news and advertising current and work on technical aspects of production. This would make the Sunfish Gazette less dependent on volunteers. The big question: If we go with the Village Soup platform, will it help us generate enough revenue to be sustainable?

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