Notes from Linda Benson

From January 9 News Oasis/Nourishing Networks meeting

The question was, “What are some ways to get individual community members to take direct action on behalf of Nourishing Networks?”

  • Plant food/seed bombs throughout the community (brand with Nourishing Network information)
  • Make mud balls filled with vegetable garden seeds that anyone can plant in their containers, gardens or yards
  • Create planter boxes or transform landscapes to grow fresh vegetables at local restaurants and municipal locations.  Invite patrons to help maintain.
  • Promote the 10% Campaign diverting food dollars to local food production.  Challenge businesses and residents to participate and to report their actions that can be used to measure impact and the new capacity for local food.
  • Create an easy way for citizens to share their needs and their stories; i.e. telephone message line, on-line tool, etc.